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  1. joey13091

    Pioneer DEH-X8700BS

    I was thinking about this head unit to use with a 4 channel and a mono amp for subs. Is this head unit good for a full range set up? Just looking for people who have had experience with it. I want something with 3 4.8v pre outs and a decent EQ. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah. I found box specs on the JL website. Looks like they reccomend 0.6 cu ft. For a sealed enclosure
  3. I just got these subs from a buddy of mine for free to put in my truck. I was wondering what would be a good box for these subs. I drive a 96 single cab ford so I'm going to need a truck style box. Just wondering if anyone can lead me in the right direction to the correct plans or if there are prefab boxes that work well with these. Thanks.
  4. Thanks man. Very helpful. What type of wood would you recommend? I've seen people use different types.
  5. Can someone post a design for a box with the specs mentioned?
  6. Sorry for not searching. I've never built a enclosure before but I've done some reading and want to give it a go. I took your advice and searched. I found 2.3cu ft at 33hz sound like a good idea.
  7. I believe the box I have now is 4 cu ft with both subs. I am looking to downsize to one sub and give the other to a friend. I'm trying to find out what would be a good box design for a single xfl 12 while keeping it as small as possible. I just need more room. I have the box in my 04 jetta and it takes up the while trunk. I have to maneuver it just right just to get the current box in the car.
  8. I currently have two xfl 12s in a ported box and it's taking up too much room. I would like to build a smaller box for a single Subwoofer. I don't care if it's ported or not. I'm just looking for the smallest with good performance design. Anyone have an idea on what would be a good box design saving as much room as possible for one of these subs? What type of wood would I use? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have a HDC4 18 i got from a friend for really cheap. What amp(s) would power this nicely? Preferably on the affordable side. Not looking for best of the best. Also what type of enclosure do these preform well in from your experience. Thanks guys!
  10. joey13091

    Parking Brake Wire

    Very easy. With mine I just used a simple toggle switch. If i can remember correctly it was just ground to one end and the parking brake wire to the other. Then when you want to watch a movie, put the DVD in and flip switch back and forth.
  11. joey13091

    FOR SALE: Sundown hybrid 18's

    i would be all over these at this price if i had a vehicle to put them in. i barley fit what i got now. lol
  12. joey13091

    Power Wire Gauge for 2 Amps

    yes you can. It will work just fine. No need to run a new wire at all. Just get your distribution block connect the 4 gauge wire in and then the two power wires out to the amplifiers. I have a 0 gauge going to a block then two 4 gauge coming of of it to the amplifiers and haven't had a problem yet. I also don't have it fused at the block. Just up front by the battery.
  13. joey13091

    PPI BK1800 blown first day ?

    if you already know it all why are you asking question?
  14. joey13091

    Quick probably stupid question

    The songs with the lower bass play awesome. I guess its probably just what my box is built for. I had my high pass on 80hz and subsonic at 25hz. Sometimes the HP at 63hz.
  15. joey13091

    Quick probably stupid question

    I think i need to get familiar with what is a low or high frequency. I had my sub sonic filter at 25hz so i thought that meant it cut everything below 25hz off. Now do a lot of songs have bass notes below 25hz? I listen to a lot of rap/hip hop.