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    i like to play my music loud heard from blocks with no license or insurance *** wit me lmfao
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    carpenter i like ta build sh1t
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    Car audio is my life , youtube too lmao
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    selling everything
  1. Nutdawg651

    Mtx Thunder 600xd

    50 shipped?
  2. Nutdawg651

    WTB 1500-2k @ 2 ohms

    Delete some messages
  3. Nutdawg651

    best cheepest sound dampining

    If you go with noico buy double what you plan on buying it's thin
  4. Nutdawg651

    Pioneer DEH-P880PRS Stereo + Accessories

    Thanks for the reply buddy smh
  5. Nutdawg651

    Dd z1a

    Shoot me a text I got ya
  6. Nutdawg651

    WTB - 5K amp

    Sorry typed too fast it's $750 shipped I have it posted on here you can text me for a faster reply 612 860 3685
  7. Nutdawg651

    Dd z1a

    Definitely user error I didn't have my fans hooked up and it got pretty hot , still powers on and protects
  8. Nutdawg651

    Dd z1a

    Thank you buddy
  9. Nutdawg651

    WTB - 5K amp

    Ddz1a $650 shipped
  10. Nutdawg651

    Dd z1a

  11. Dd z1a not half ohm stable but can be played wired down pm is serious
  12. Nutdawg651

    Dd z1a

  13. Nutdawg651

    DC XL m1 motor or blown sub

    I have 3 m2s if interested
  14. Nutdawg651

    Dd z1a

    Oh no that ***** well if you hear anyone interested swing em my way
  15. Nutdawg651

    Dd z1a

    Same which is weird I can see it on the app but it won't show up on here