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  1. Hey nkrell11 if you are game I still haven't messed with these at all. No amp yet either but I'm back to work in a few weeks so I'll have money to play again. Thanks either way Sir
  2. Hi, a guy I worked with gave me a pair of Sony Xplod XS-GTX120LW 4ohm svc when he left the state. I can't seem to find specs on the sub for air space but similar sony's like 1.13 cf ported. I'm looking at getting a RF Rockford Fosgate R500-1D Prime 500 Watt Mono D-class Amplifer which should put out about 250rms into the sub (only using 1 12" in the pickup and the other in a old car for the wife, but that comes later). Looking for SQ with an occasional foray into some 80's or 90's rap. I am hoping you can help me figure out a box for behind the drivers seat of my Nissan Frontier King cab. Looking for a ported box of the slot variety. I've got a table saw and know how to use it so 45's are no big deal. Also I will be using birch plywood as it's leftover from building a bookshelf and I never built a 2nd one or returned it to the store. It's about 18mm thick or .706" (not sure what the fractional is off hand I just used a caliper on it) Rough space to work with is 14.5" bottom depth 16" tall 21" wide 9.5" top depth I'm thinking of having the sub and bottom face 2" up from floor with the port firing forwards at the top of the sloped face. The box can go taller by following the same angle. Any help is appreciated as the only other times I ported my boxes I just called PPI up and they told me what the 4 12" pro's needed and I cut the pipe up.