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  1. shauncox26

    Couple subs, motors and baskets.

    Pm me your bottom dollar on the motors and ti baskets bundle plus ship to 38619.
  2. Got a 240 mechman s series alt off a 98 shoul be bolt on plug and play. You need a 1.5" shorter belt and a new tensioner pulley. Could do 250+ the ride. Pm me if interested.
  3. shauncox26

    What subs do i have?

    Will i have made a major life change. I quit my 9-5 and started my own business. Should it take off im single and the liquid income will allow me to have many toys my friend. Plus im going to open a audio shop in my large garage. Mainly installing radios, building boxes, and reconing subs. One 3 day job paid my bills this month, no boss and free time out the wazoo yes yes yes. Bad part is the jeeps transfer case exploded on way home other day so im ride less. Theres 100 jeeps the same year and model as mine in a hundred miles all have the wrong transfer case. Not to thread jack op but if wanting to sell ill be interested. Very very nice subs if you hook them up then sell them your going to be disappointed in everything after. Tc makes my favorite subs hands down.
  4. shauncox26

    What subs do i have?

    Should they appear to have the qca rings. I would love to have these. Guess if i had these and you had a feather in your *** op we'd both be tickled pink.
  5. shauncox26

    Loudest/Bass Audio setup for under $1000.

    What part of florida are you in? I might can hook you up with a sub, box, and amp for bout 450. Subs built by me from scrap parts check my signature at bottom. The subs based off a DD9500g motor, and the motor itself can get you 200 easy. The amp is a ia 10.1 like new and a ported enclosure for the sub. Just paid 389 for the amp last year. The sub should you want to recone to factory costs 210~ for 15" basket and drop in recone. I can do the work for you at later date after your ground work is done*. After a factory recone the subs resale value is from 450-600 depending on buyer, plus the box is dds spec box design so you already have the perfect box for it. Dd builds their subs around their box design not the other way around. Most companies design a sub to do certain things then test to see which enclosure works best for the intended output. All this is dependent on your willingness to drive and meet up. Shipping qould be redonkulous so i wont even mention that. But the value is there should you want to make a deal. *(hu, speakers, rattle control and deadner, wires, alt, 4ch and speakers, and anything else you want to add.)
  6. ditch passives run one tweet each on ch 1-2, run two mids in parallel on each chs 3-4, bridge ch 5-6 to sub. I say one tweet to start because they take little power to get loud and often times you dont need 4 tweets. The dsp would be set up with the tweet outputs ran to ch1-2 and the mids would be ran to ch3-4. The sub outs would run to ch5-6. Unless you want to do three way active then run tweets ch1-2, 1 mid on each ch3-4 and last pair on ch5-6. Then by a mono for the sub. Rcas in this case would go tweets to ch 1-2 midrange to 3-4 and midbass to 5-6 then sub outs to your mono. The dsp should have the option to run 2way with sub and 3 way with sub. Either way you go ditch the passives with the dsp you wont need them they are set filters where as the dsp has changeable filters to tailor the sound to better suit the vehicle. With the passives you dont get much more then the sound they make when you plug and play. Then you just run the required full range rcas from the head unit to dsp for the signal. Bada bing bada boom. Tune tune tune on that dsp tell you find that perfect sound.
  7. shauncox26

    Your favorite low budget build?

    Not really budget as the amp was a brand new ia20.1 but i got it thru trade in credit from @VertexAudio ; so it only cost shipping and my buddy gave me 2 kicker comp 12s s4 subs. Built a large ported box withgobs of port area. Slammed hard for them to be kickers and they wheron 1200~rms at that. Dude paid for the box and subs to get them back after hearing them. He blew them on a ppi 650.2 trying to get them to slam like i had them doing. Most my gear is traded so i usually have little in most of it. Mainly shipping sometimes recones if i find a awesome set of subs blown.
  8. shauncox26

    Your favorite low budget build?

    Will.i want those re's wish i had something to trade. Lol! Would bet my life they destroy my jeep in a tline on this 10.1.
  9. shauncox26

    Loudest/Bass Audio setup for under $1000.

    Yes @Jeffdachef ; 6 cu net i had to cut down on volume by adding 4x4 blocks of wood as the oas where not liking all the extra space on the power i was giving them. Box was 25-28 deep 36 wide and 16 tall cant remember the exact dimensions as i burnt it along with other spare boxes i had a couple years ago. Lol! Drinking and bonfires dont mix. It was rather large left a couple inches on both sides between box and wheel wells then the open spots behind the wheel wells left room for amps and battery. It was a full trunk no doubt. But it was in there. Now forward faving may have been better as it didnt leave much space between the subs and trunk lid. Building in the trunk i could probably get more in there. It was aero ported though so i highly doubt you can get a 6cu slot port in that trunk. I wouldnt say it if i hadnt done it myself. Useles info and speculation doesnt help and im not one to spread false info. Ill look around and see if i can find the dimensions. It was one of my first enclosures and i messed up on the measurements when making my cut sheet, so it came out way bigger then i wanted and tuned really low. It was just narrow enough and a couple inches shy of to tall to fit in the hole but it slid straight in.
  10. shauncox26

    Loudest/Bass Audio setup for under $1000.

    Ok long time no see guys. I had a 04 corolla and i dont remember the dimensions but you can fit a 6+cuft enclosure in there with room for amps and battery pissed me off the wife could fit a box i had to build into my accord trunk. This leaves you open to a good bit of subs. The box i had was 6.12 net after two oa12s and 2 4" aeros tuned to 28hz. Slid right the **** in there too. Anyways back to subs you could do one 15 or 2 12s ported. Me personally id go with a 2.5" coiled sub like sa, hds2, fu750, blah blah blah. Along with the mentioned cab1600. If i did the 15 i would move up to something with a 3" coil maybe a used x, icon, ia lethal injection or death row, blah blah blah. Then focus on providing a great electrical base and good tuning with a headunit. Leave factory speakers and get a small 4cg like the alpine powerpack to liven up the factory speakers. If you wanted to go nuts get a great head unit, 4 ch amp coaxials for the doors, 4ch wiring kit, big 3 wiring kit, and deadener. Then do your own install. Wait patiently for a used tc sounds lms ultra 5200 or 5400 18 to come up for sale small enclosure requirments and hella awesome subs. The time spent waiting you can save back up to that 1000 and spend 350-500 on the sub and get a good 2500+ mono to run it with. So my pics 2 12s first, ground up install first while saving for good sub and 18 lms ultra, then if all else falls thru id do a single mid lvl 15 with the cab amp and what ever else you can work in with the left over cash.
  11. shauncox26

    Calling all sub builders. Gap specs needed.

    Don't quite know now but it claims a 3" on the mag sticker. I think the new mofox has the 2.5"VC. Thinking mofo1522 or mofo15d2 maybe. I'll know later not into PA gear so never looked to far into it.
  12. Hey guys my buddy has a mofo 15 with a coil out. I love the blue basket so I offered a trade I would use some of my salvaged parts to build him a new one basket and cone assembly for his purty blue basket. Now on to the question has anyone pulled coil size and and gap specs on one. The older model with the 3" vc it was d2. Being it's a PA sub I'm guessing the outside dia will be where they pull the 3" from. Hopefully they did it right and it's inside dia which all my salvaged VCS are. Trying to get out without ordering a new coil. Just looking to see has anyone pulled one of them apart to look or even recone. Don't wanna break his sub down and find out I don't have a coil to fit either.
  13. shauncox26

    FS - Pioneer deh-80 prs

    I really need this any trades and or willing to come down some.
  14. shauncox26

    Solid audio f2500d 10000w

    Board looks similar to ia 20.1 these do 3k plus in the latest two versions at 1 ohm. Also the atomic 5k has a very similar Board lay out I know no one will argue that it does 5k. My gzpa4000 had less transformers and looked like a beefed up 2k similar board to the bc2k and older saz2k. Board layout doesn't determine power quality of components do. I'm not saying these amps do anything close to 10k but they could very well put out over that 2.5 it claims. And I bet if you hit that ***** with 24 plus volts for a second before the fire you might just get that 10k if you wired stupid low like a .125 ohm. I know at high voltage 18v~ and lower load ia20.1 do around 5k clamped. I'd buy one cheap and run it thru the ringer.