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  1. Dmac1991

    2017 model incriminator audio lethal injection

    bought one with all the bells and whistles. Told them I would be running it on a DD M2c, and they said I'd be fine anywhere from 2-2.5 tuned in the low 30s. Ended up selling it before I got to play with it as I ended up getting a bigger car. They should get LOUD and low in 2 cubes on 1.2k. I'd even go up to 2.5 on that amount of power
  2. iirc, they tested around 1500 rms at 1
  3. Dayton HO hands down. That 1ft sealed will make them more boomy but the frequency range will be lovely. Me and a friend bought two and put them in 1.4 sealed (.7 each) and they sound amazing