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  1. Thank you KHA! Now I can call this install done and work on a more important project this weekend. :D
  2. Title says it all - just wondering if I'm overthinking things. 100W x 4 Eclipse amp is under the passenger seat, and powers four 2.7 Ohm Polk speakers at 100Hz and up. I have 18 gauge wire running from it to behind the dash where it taps into stock speaker wires that appear to be 16 gauge. The distance between the amp and the stock wires is only 3 feet. 18 gauge is all I had that day, and I didn't realize this until all the seats were out! It was getting dark, and cold, so I just used what I had. It sounds great, but if you were me would you pick up some 16 gauge and re-do it? Thanks for any insight guys!