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  1. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

    Actually, in my state the ring is a gift with an "obligation." According to my lawyer, if we don't go through with the marriage, it's mine. Other gifts, in my state are immediately tranferred and become the property of the person being gifted. She is now trying to claim that my entire system was a "gift" from her. Oddly enough I have receipts for everything... but when we go to court and she claims that my system was a "gift" the judge will rule that she return it all, or pay me the value of it all. Been talking to a lawyer and getting as much info as I can without paying for it lol.
  2. OldManBass

    2 12's on 5k rms vs. 2 15's on 2.5k rms 4 daily.

    There are 15's that are fine in 8 cubes. That is probably the route I'd go.
  3. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

    Yeah man, I'm taking her to small claims court. I have receipts with my name on them for all of it. I'm also going to ask for the engagement ring back... which I wasn't going to do.
  4. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

    What is your issue with me man?
  5. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

  6. OldManBass

    German Maestro dealers

    They ain't cheap.
  7. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

    I did... thanks. I'm going to study up on the law and take her to small claims court.
  8. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

    If you bothered to read... the answer is no... I didn't. She wanted her "freedom." I tried to make it work... but she didn't want it to.
  9. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

  10. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

    Waiting on a callback from my lawyer now.
  11. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

  12. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

    You are quick to jump to conclusions. I don't think she ever cheated on me, and I certainly never cheated on her... but she initially said she needed some alone time, then she said she wanted me to leave... so I did. Don't make assumptions. I'm not the bad guy here. ---------- Post added at 11:08 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:07 AM ----------
  13. OldManBass

    Lost it all...

    Well guys... fiance decided to break off our engagement... and kept all the gear I had waiting to be installed. Talked to a lawyer, he said it was a criminal matter. Talked to the cops, they say it's civil and all I could do would be to take her to civil court. Gonna talk to the lawyer again, see if he can speak to the DA. I can't afford 2000.00 to sue her in civil court, so I guess I'm out of car audio for the time being. Just wanted to share my pain with some folks that might care about it.
  14. I'm told that welding cable works just fine, just isn't as flexible as car audio specific cable.
  15. I don't know any of the guys names on here, you can google their forum... or Facebook. And I believe you'd be in SHD territory.