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    Cook, full time student, and full time car audio lover.
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  1. Josef344

    Kinetik or XS Power Battery

    XS > Kinetic Best Bang for buck- Duracell AGM group 31s There's a battery test thread that it performed quite well, it's still not as good as the XS but it's pretty decent. Battery Test Thread - FloridaSPL
  2. Josef344

    Sacramento Area

    That blows, I just moved in Sac. I do know that Maede lives 40 minutes from where I am, but I never got in contact with him.
  3. Josef344

    Sacramento Area

    Anybody here in Sacramento area?
  4. Josef344

    Am I too old for SPL?

    Are you too old to have ***? I mean a hobby is a hobby regardless. Love car audio, my buddy who is 40 this year loves car audio too.
  5. Not much of an update- just moved in California and still got a lot of packing and enrolling to college then I'll get a job and continue my build log Although I purchased a decal from a guy named Carbon in another forum got this today and it's pretty funny also high quality. You guys should hit him up in facebook. Good service, fast reply, and also the shipping is pretty fast. https://www.facebook.com/CNGraphix
  6. Josef344

    Help with Big 3, Gauge Size

    I use 4/0 OFC.. But I personally love overkill. Go for 1/0 gauge.
  7. They're all the same cars. So yes. Also Toyota GT-86**
  8. Josef344

    Proper ways to disconnect and connect an amplifier

    I only do option A and that's what I will only recomend.
  9. Josef344

    FS- JL 12W3 original v1 old school

    I remember those, they get loud and low. Kind of wish I never sold mine lol. Ohh well, they're great and conservative subs... and they sound amazing. GLWS
  10. Haha thanks man! Naming it "Chris Brown" was also because it will beat the shxt out of my car.
  11. Maybe you should wait until I'm progressing through the build and see.. I only had 50feet of wire used. As you can see from the picture where we ran the wires, there's a circle made for a ground. I got the grommets from Electdirect I think. It's a firewall grommet.
  12. Jeremy and I (well mostly him lol) made a wedge panel to mount the volt meters on to give it a OEM look. Now my amp of choice: Big thanks to Jason for selling me his DC 5k.:grin: I still have a lot more to do. I'm almost done, but not there yet. More to come later on: Battery bank, better buss bars, a subwoofer box, an amp rack, upgraded mids and highs... wheels.. etc. My subwoofer of choice will probably be Tantric HDD 12s
  13. Going into the trunk: Pretty clean. We're impressed ourselves on how it turned out. Now let's go into the head unit. My choice is Pioneer 80prs. Heat shrunk some wires together with some extra heat shrinks for clean wiring. It's in looking purdddyyyyy: Volt meter, can't forget about that. I'm going to have 2 volt meters 1 front battery. The second the back bank.