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    HU: Pioneer AVH-X4500BT
    FR RR: Focal Components and Coaxials
    Sub Stage: 2 RE Audio SXXv2s
    Amps: Pioneer 4 channel
    Lanzar Opti3201D
    Batteries: Front Red top
    Rear: 2 AGM Energizer Group 31 batteries
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    Mililani, Hawaii
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    FMR Hawaii
  1. sammyramirez8o8

    Box for 2 Alpine Type R 12s

    Lol it's shocking cause she doesn't like my hobby but she supports me anyway I'm glad lmfao
  2. sammyramirez8o8

    Box for 2 Alpine Type R 12s

    Can do I actually have extra dowels from when I had my wall
  3. sammyramirez8o8

    Box for 2 Alpine Type R 12s

    Actually the first year I bought my car back in 2012 I did everything already foamed the bumpers the trunk lid, I matted the whole trunk and put I forget what it's called but a 1/2 inch I think AC or was it garage insulation around the lid and I redo it every year. And just couple days ago I rolled bedliner into the trunk since all off the deadening was getting nasty and sticky.
  4. sammyramirez8o8

    Box for 2 Alpine Type R 12s

    This Christmas my fiance got me 2 Alpine Type r 12s and a JL JX1000/1D which was a huge surprise knowing that we are saving for a wedding I was so happy she wanted me to have something since I'm on empty after getting rid of everything go save for our wedding I'm so grateful to her. Car 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Amp: JL JX1000/1D Box Measurements: 36Wx14.5Hx24D Box Specs: Net: 4.03 ft3 Gross: 5.84 ft3 Port Width 5.5 in. Tuned: 32~33 hertz Port area: 71.5 In2 Port Volume: 1.61 ft3 Port Area Per Foot: 17.74 in2 Merry Christmas to me! No 45s this time just a daily no competition some bump in the trunk Rounded the whole box looking real clean My mistake the router slipped and took a bit from the port Didn't wanna use any terminals right now till I decide what type I want to use. 1/8/18 Wifey said no need paint the port black so no need but took my first shot at carpeting a box. 1 thing make sure you get the right carpet cause this carpet was pretty thick but it was from my father in law so... I went at it. The wifey had to do some patches for me I'm so thankful.