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  1. sundown and rockford fosgate is all you see in my pawn shops... in abundance... lol
  2. yes i have two shops that sell dd in michigan both are order only...
  3. basswiigee

    Going to buy some Boss amps

    i love playing with the cheap stuff i find too... ive done some pretty crazy budget builds that if i didnt pop the trunk youd probably give props too... lol
  4. basswiigee

    Going to buy some Boss amps

    you maybe be surprised with those cheaper builds.... Key thing at price point... Cone area... Lol I PLAYED WITH THAT PH1500D IT WAS ABOUT 300-400W ... LOL BUT THEN AGAIN IT WAS 50 BUCKS... LOL
  5. basswiigee

    Are these legit or not?

    naw thats about the percentages of my experience... i lowered it... it was about 98% lmao but if it dont meet the critera i stated above throw overpriced in there and bam... lol all b.s. aside most of them on there dont run proper electrical... overpower... ohm wiring... unless they went to a shop that told them oh yeah thats fine to run like that... lol you can find deals but once you start digging into them most dont turn out to be as great of a deal as you thought you were getting... i guess in the end you get what you pay for... but i am biased i hate ebay... lol
  6. basswiigee

    Are these legit or not?

    87% of that stuff on ebay is abused, fake, or a scam... lol
  7. especially not on CL.... wow a diamond in the rough.... not my ad... https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/ele/5016032347.html
  8. basswiigee

    ASUS Nexus 7 2012 model mint!

    [quote name='jrdnhsnbrg']@basswiigee see maf[/QUOTE] done ... lol
  9. basswiigee

    Rf 1500bdcp

  10. basswiigee

    Discontinued or rare subs you wish you had

    concidering stillwater still owns and for the most part has always owned kicker... and still produces stillwater kickers... its a yes and no.. cuz not every kicker is stillwater named... but yes stillwater is kicker... i loved stillwater kickers... was one of my first sales on this site... lol
  11. basswiigee

    Discontinued or rare subs you wish you had

  12. basswiigee

    ASUS Nexus 7 2012 model mint!

    hmmmm trades....
  13. basswiigee

    American Bass VFL4480.1

    **** that was fast.......
  14. basswiigee

    Pioneer DEH-80PRS

    prs 80 is annoying with so many options... lol took forever to set..
  15. basswiigee

    Ipad 3 16gb wifi....

    shoot me some pics please...