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  1. SounDrive

    WTB alpine 9885

    Does it need to be a 9885? I've got a 9887 with iPod adapter and KCE-400BT bluetooth adapter for sale. $250 shipped and it's yours with all accessories included.
  2. SounDrive

    WTB: 12 inch Dual 2 ohm subwoofer

    Check out the SounDrive SDA3 12. On sale for $342 this week, 2000 RMS and built right here in the USA. Big improvement over the others you're considering around that price. SounDrive SDA3 12 Subwoofer - SounDrive Audio Store
  3. Until 5/31/18, enjoy great discounts on the SounDrive SDA3! 2000W conservatively rated RMS, built in the USA Search - SounDrive Audio Store 10": $323.999 12":$341.99 15": $359.99 18": $377.99
  4. Our cables are custom made to order in the USA and all of our lines are shielded properly. Lots of cheaper shielded cables do not properly ground the shield, or use foil as a shield which doesn't reject much, if any noise. You can check them out at SounDrive Audio Store or email me at damien@soundrive.audio for bulk orders of 5+ sets.
  5. SounDrive

    SounDrive SDA3 Rev2 In Stock!

    In my opinion it’s best to either build for daily or competition strictly, there will be major compromises to try and do both with the same effectiveness. Smaller volume tuned higher will excel in competition, but a larger box tuned lower will perform better daily especially trying to play lower. Build time is about 2 weeks after you place your order right now, we’ve already started shipping out several orders.
  6. SounDrive

    SounDrive SDA3 Rev2 In Stock!

    They do well in all applications. They're built to be an efficient all around sub.
  7. SounDrive

    SounDrive SDA3 Rev2 In Stock!

    Yes, the pole vents direct air straight at the coil former. It cools slightly better than a standard pole vent design. I'd like to do a video test soon with one rev1 and one rev2 showing the improvement.
  8. The SounDrive SDA3 revision 2 motors are now here and preorders will be shipping out this week! Expect the same great performance with new and improved looks, and a new pole vent system to help keep coil temperature lower. We are giving these the same conservative 2000w rating as the revision 1, but expect slightly more thermal power handling. They will now come standard with 4 gauge push terminals instead of 8 gauge, and we still offer the option to upgrade to direct leads. Visit SounDrive Audio Store to order, or email at damien@soundrive.audio for discounts on 4 or more subs. Introductory sale prices: 10" $339.99 12" $359.99 15" $379.99 18" $399.99
  9. SounDrive

    New cab 7k

    edit: double post
  10. SounDrive

    New cab 7k

    Equipment has to be available to the public x amount of days before finals for the equipment to be legal. Even with that crazy price it's still considered publicly available, despite not selling any. It's pretty obvious that it's made to take advantage of USACi classing and only be available to team members.
  11. Why is Audio Legion on the budget list when their amps are on par with or better than most on the top list? Their amps are coming from Zenon just like many of the others on the list. There are way too many inconsistencies
  12. SounDrive

    Alternator Blowout Sale!

    It's damien@soundrive.audio - that email you posted doesn't exist. Gotta copy and paste it exactly how I posted!
  13. SounDrive

    How would you wire me

    Check your inbox