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    2 hds3 12. sony cdx gsr 500.
  1. bigfluke 773

    Not sure which amp to pick

    Also, which is more efficient? The SQ is the V2 as well.
  2. bigfluke 773

    Not sure which amp to pick

    I see a crossfire c5 1700 and SQ2200 both about the same price used. I'm not sure If I'm gonna go a single hdc4 or 2 hds's but I'll be needing about 2000 watts.
  3. bigfluke 773

    crossfire c5 12 vs soundqubed hds3 12

    I agree but price wise the c7 is in the same boat as an hdc3. Out of those 2 I think an hdc3 will get louder but I'm not sure.
  4. bigfluke 773

    crossfire c5 12 vs soundqubed hds3 12

    72 hz tuning ftw, lol.
  5. bigfluke 773

    Subwoofer Is Insanely Quiet

    what kind of head unit
  6. I've seen enough of his posts to know he's more than wrong. He's stupid and he gives stupid advice and anybody that takes his advice is fucced.
  7. What in the **** are you talking about. Please stop.
  8. bigfluke 773

    Input on which sub to get, sundown x or emf ermagerd

    Are you running 2 x15s at 7cu or 1?
  9. bigfluke 773

    drillang amps to your box, opionions?

    You'll be fine. I try not to put it on the box because I don't want to put unnecessary holes in the box but the amp shaking and vibrating is gonna happen anyway
  10. bigfluke 773

    Silverado DDZ build

    There's too many pages and I had too many beers to go through it all but what I saw I like. Very nice job.
  11. bigfluke 773

    Where the wires at?

    If you do drill make sure you get rubber grommets. Or keep an extinguisher in your car.
  12. bigfluke 773

    Where the wires at?

    Check under the body of your car, running down the doors to see if you could tuck the wire up in there. That's how we did my friends Altima. We ran it behind the plastic of the tire well and drilled a hole through the trunk. My homey just bought a Tahoe and he ran the wire on his frame rail. I don't know where he drilled through to get it out.
  13. bigfluke 773

    SW-Level control on Kenwood HU's

    I had my sub out all the way up. Mine went to 10. Then I tuned the amp. I don't think you'll be getting the full 4 volts with it down.