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  1. 2pac

    Crescendo S1

  2. 2pac

    Crescendo S1

    Any reviews on this amp?
  3. 2pac

    Zapco ST-1350XMII Amp Dyno

    Look at b2 audio ma1200.1 guts and see is this the same amp
  4. 2pac

    Taramps MD 8000.1 amp

    Is this amp more durable then the hd3000
  5. 2pac

    Dayton Ho

  6. 2pac

    Dayton Ho

    Is this the best sound quality sub in it price range
  7. 2pac

    Nvx amps

    O it cool I went wit a us acoustic barbara ann
  8. Yeah they will I order a e15v2 and sent it back for a e15v3 and he did it for free
  9. 2pac

    Nvx amps

    Anyone tried the nvx micro mini 4 channel amp
  10. 2pac

    Psi bassline

    Anyone tried these yet?