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    atlanta georgia
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    ballin's not a hobby, its my occupation
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    2 diamond audio d6 10s tuned to 35, brutus 2100.1, dls ultimate reference 6.5s, sky high 1/0
  1. seas88

    aq 1200

  2. I am looking for a sub box for 2 diamond audio d6 10s that will fit in my 98 Nissan frontier. I can hit you up with more details if your interested, I am willing to give you my third d6 for the box.
  3. seas88

    FS: DLS Ultimate 6.5" 2 -ways

    Would you be open to trades, cash added if needed?
  4. can add cash if necessary so offer up
  5. i have a diamond audio d6 10 laying around and i have been looking for a nice pair of 6 1/2 components/coaxial[ATTACH=CONFIG]26543189[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26543190[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26543191[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26543192[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26543193[/ATTACH]
  6. seas88

    bored with my setup

    im also looking for a good sq component set
  7. seas88

    bored with my setup

    imgur: the simple image sharer
  8. 3 diamond audio d6 10s. trades for any pair of 10s or 12s that catch my fancy. offer up and ill pm asap.
  9. polk 330.2 ill part with cheap if you want it
  10. seas88

    IA Death Row 18?

    The Treo is 75 pounds, a freakin beast, missing dust cap but perfect working condition.
  11. seas88

    Diamond audio D6 10 dual 4ohm

    c'mon bump, OBO. i can only say no
  12. seas88

    IA Death Row 18?

    it has no dustcap and would probably benefit from a recone in the near future but ill part with it cheap