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    Being in High School, I work at Braum's.
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  1. supereikenator

    [FS] SounDrive 17' RCA Cables

    I think it is, the RCAs are run by my power because I had no choice.
  2. supereikenator

    [FS] SounDrive 17' RCA Cables

    So these should, in theory, kill my alt whine?
  3. supereikenator

    MMATS "Super" Juggernaut?

    Thank you guys! I'll try to convince him to head elsewhere, or I'll ask if it's the Team rather than a weird double motored thing.
  4. supereikenator

    MMATS "Super" Juggernaut?

    Does this exist? My older brother can be a bit too trusting of dealers sometimes(for example, he once spent $1200 on a "double modified" Ascendant Mayhem 15) he described to me today that a dealer was going to sell him a MMATS "super" Juggernaut. I'm skeptical. Allegedly it's like an SMD with two motors stacked. He says "It's supposed to be equal to two Juggernauts." I asked about how it compensates for cone area and he says the dealer says that the cone is heavier and more layered/reinforced so it's equalized. I'm getting the very strong sack of **** vibe from this, but I don't know everything so I figured I'd ask.
  5. supereikenator

    SKAR IVX 12 D2 from the "Yard sale"

    Oh yeah. If you are happy that's all that matters.
  6. supereikenator

    SKAR IVX 12 D2 from the "Yard sale"

    Amp wise I agree, same with the nuthuggers being annoying. But I think he means subwoofers. The fat surround and all that jazz that he's copied.
  7. Shocker Sigs are beastly. Hispls is well worth it. If you don't want that, then I'd pick the BL or HDC3. The Sundown isn't bad by any means, but I definitely think the price is a bit high to say the least.
  8. supereikenator

    The new Sundown X8!

    I'm no Sundown fanboy, but I am glad that it is "taking forever" Jacob is at least ensuring he is happy with the product being put out. I'm not buying one, but I do respect that.
  9. supereikenator

    JL audio vs soundqubed

    I'd say the HDC4, W0's are pretty gutless as far as loud goes, but JL isn't really made to be loud. I think the HDC4 has enough motor force to outweigh the cone area advantage.
  10. supereikenator

    First build! 2008 Scion xB "SQ" build.

    Oh also, plans have changed yet again, the shop owner I'm buddies with got me a new JL 12W6v3 for $275 in exchange for the amount of business I've brought him. I know it's mainstream, but I love the sound of the w6's that I've heard in other cars. I haven't decided on an amp yet, but that's going to be the sub. I'm really looking forward to not having to do all the extra electrical upgrades that I would running closer to 2,000 rms.
  11. supereikenator

    First build! 2008 Scion xB "SQ" build.

    Alright, between yesterday and a tad today I've managed to forget to take any pictures but I did install my front stage. Got Memphis MC 6.5 components instead of the JBLs, the local shop owner and I have become pretty good buds so I get some great deals now on what he sells, plus, he really knows his stuff, unlike most shops. I picked them up for $250 and now that they are installed and amped on the matching amp I couldn't be more pleased. They sound awesome, very full and crisp. Lots of midbass, but not overpowering at all, the tweets are very smooth and clear. They are running passive, but I set the decks crossover a bit to really make them shine. I also put about 1.5 sheets of Hushmat in the doors so that helps as well. The amp is mounted under the drivers seat and I can take some pictures if anyone cares to see how I did, haha. Not the best, but it was my first time.
  12. supereikenator

    What makes a subwoofer louder?

  13. supereikenator

    What makes a subwoofer louder?

    I misread.