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  1. C2 Audio

    Threatcon-2 vs HDS3

    I have yet to sell a Threatcon 2 to someone who didn't like it. I've had great reviews. Threatcon 2's and 4's are getting revamped this summer but the V1 Threatcon 2 is a solid woofer that sounds great and will get loud as well. Whatever you choose to go with I hope you are more than happy with it. Just keep The Bass going! Chris
  2. C2 Audio

    c2 audio

    It looks like everyone has you covered on this. If you want an easy box to build you can build a 2 cube box and toss a 4" Aeroport in it. I agree with tuning around 34Hz and She will get low... If you need any assistance you can always shoot me an email to c2audio@live.com or you can contact us Mon-Fri from 10-6est at 330-953-0331. -Chris
  3. C2 Audio

    C2 Audio Threatcon 2 12 problem

    I appreciate your input but the Threatcon-2 woofer has been on the market for over a year with less than 1% failure rate. This woofer took nearly a year in development before it ever hit the market and anyone on here that owns one can back up my statement of it is clearly an amazing woofer for the money (Under $160). As far as Chinese Cookie cutter company... We are a American owned and operate out of Youngstown OH. Yes the threatcon-2 is assembled in China as this is how we can offer it for such a great price. If you want American woofers We do hand build the Threatcon-4 in house. -Chris
  4. C2 Audio

    Wtb 2 threatcon 2 15's or 2 obsidian 15's

    We will be fully stocked and shipping all Threatcon-2 12's and 15's later this week. You can scoop yours up on ::. C2Audio .:: -Chris
  5. The side or rear port question is a tough one... I have had luck and failures with both styles. The Key to making a trunk setup loud is all about loading the woofers and port properly. Always use rule of thumb you need 6-8" from port to properly load and get loud. I like to side load on vehicles that are not sturdy in the rear or that have a large plastic tail light area. The biggest issue with side port is loading because the side surface is uneven and also box needs to be mounted to prevent it from sliding as you want to keep 6-8" distance for loading. -Chris
  6. Fire Woofer Back Side Port on Driver Side. External Dimensions of Box: 15" High 30" Wide 15" Deep Use Double Baffle Front Side Port Dimensions With Internal L Port: 13.5" High 2.5" Wide 30" Long (L Shape go over than Forward in Box Keeping 2.5" Width) Keep Box shifted to Passenger side so port can load 6-8" from Driver Side of car. Internal volume after woofer, Port and wire displacement is about 2 Cubes and port is tuned to 35 Hz.
  7. C2 Audio

    Free spl van.

    PM Sent I am in.... --Chris
  8. C2 Audio

    Db Drive K7 12" D4

    I sell these and they are nice!
  9. C2 Audio

    C2 Audio Threatcon-2 vs Strato-12D4

  10. C2 Audio

    C2 Audio Threatcon-2 vs Strato-12D4

    Just a follow up as I think I need to atleast say something here. 141 on Music NOT a sweep Not a Burp. It was in the back of a Journey sealed up mic on Dash. The idea for the vid was for the guy looking to have a street beater not as a SPL car. I can put one Threatcon-2 12" in a CRX, build a steel and concrete box, tune it to 68HZ burp it and pull a crazy high numbers but honestly what does that prove? Just relax and let me prove the woofer. Let some customers have time to put some you tube vids up and I will also be posting a few more builds over the next few weeks. If you dont like the woofer after you see more than so be it... but for now you need to atleast play with one before making a decision. I understand the skepticism but give C2 a chance to prove the Threatcon-2 sub is the Best Bank for buck woofer on the market under $130. -Chris
  11. C2 Audio

    Pair of 600rms 12s

    I've got the Threatcon 2's on Pre-sale for $99.99 shipped each. They'd be delivered by the end of April and they are 600 RMS each. -Chris
  12. @Ridinhi ; I've recieved your PM but your inbox is full. Please clear your inbox and I will respond to your inquiry. Thanks! Chris
  13. C2 Audio

    Hello from C2 Audio in Youngstown Ohio

    Hello Everyone, Been awhile since my last post and since I still don't have a sub-forum yet, I'll just give a quick update to you all. Pre-sale on THREATCON 2's will be happening shortly. Still awaiting on a few things to be finalized so the woofers can be shipped out to us but once confirmed for shipping, I will get the prices too you all. THREATCON 4's are looking to arrive sometime in May. If anything changes, you will all be updated. Don't forget to like our C2 Audio page on Facebook, subscribe to our channel on youtube - C2CarAudio, and keep watching our C2 AUDIO || Home website. Thanks for the support so far and we are looking forward to meet your subwoofer needs!
  14. C2 Audio

    Hello from C2 Audio in Youngstown Ohio

    I'll have to look into that. We'll see how this one goes first!
  15. I'm a supporting vendor as of today and have an exciting new line of subwoofers to share with you all. When my vendor forum opens up I invite all of you to stop by and see what I have to offer. I have 20+ years of experience in the car audio game from research and development, building and testing, and sales and marketing. My new line will be on Pre-Sale soon so I hope to do business with all of you soon!