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  1. Fishpoke

    I'm buyin 2day, help...

    I can vouch for the AP amps, they will put out rated power cleanly.
  2. Fishpoke

    Looking for sub under $130 shipped(New).

    Audiopipe txxbd series is worth looking at, rated for 900 rms. They go for around 120-140 depending on where you get it. Beasty little subs.
  3. Fishpoke

    Headlights dimming

    How old is that alt? and what battery are you running up front? If you've got a decent battery and alt is in good condition either there is a poor ground somewhere or you need a second battery.
  4. I'd get the apsm 1150, 300 rms and a small footprint. Only con with it is the gain control is under the amp so when you mount it make sure you have your gain set where you want to keep it.
  5. Fishpoke

    New to the audio game

    You should really listen to mylows10, that stuff you listed is junk.
  6. Dont know if it's been mentioned but Solar Sails - Daft punk (TRON soundtrack) has mostly 20-35hz throughout the song. I cant remember if it drops to 20 or 15 either way it gets low.
  7. Fishpoke

    New car audio company - c2 audio on the rise

    Those level 4's look pretty spiffy for the price, I might grab a couple.
  8. Due to phase cancellations you will see no benefit, but a reduction in output.
  9. Fishpoke

    SA 12 Enclosure Design

    They are in a pt cruiser with leather seats, currently subs are face back port back. New box they will face up and port will either be up or back, not sure yet. Pulling 141.5 in that crappy box atm. I'm expect to pull at least 144 with the new box, I'd be ecstatic if it did 150.
  10. Hmm you said you have the big three done? I'm a bit confused, as you should have a run of 0/1 ground to the frame & engine block
  11. Fishpoke

    SA 12 Enclosure Design

    Thanks for the input everyone, I'll post the dimensions / results after I get everything built and installed. It'd be pretty nifty if I could hit 150+ with 1200rms, we'll see :P
  12. There must be a bad ground somewhere, loose or isn't making good contact. No way you should be dropping at all running those amps. Unless you have a bad battery? Have you had them checked?
  13. Fishpoke

    SA 12 Enclosure Design

    Granted I haven't measure it yet but from what I noticed my car has some peaks in the upper frequencies so a box with a dip in that range wont hurt much. How do you calculate the port dimensions for tuning? I'm not really trusting winisd at this point. Going to talk to some guys in my area but I'm thinking between 5-6 cubes gross volume is going to be my magic number for what i'm trying to achieve. Based on some numbers jacob had posted regarding box size to power handling for the sa8 it looks like to push the driver to its mechanical limits on 600rms would need an enclosure of 3.125ft^3 net volume.
  14. Fishpoke

    SA 12 Enclosure Design

    Where do you guys get these numbers from?
  15. Fishpoke

    SA 12 Enclosure Design

    ^^^ Aye I know the amp is kinda weak for 2 sa, I'm planning on selling it at some point and upping to a saz3000 when I get the funds for it and running a second battery.