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  1. eppopipe

    tc 5200 15 bad *** heavy

    That ones going in my car this week
  2. eppopipe

    Crescendo 3500 Bass Clef, Shuriken SK-BT35

    ...loook at the last post on page 1.
  3. Been working with singer of singer alts about getting a HO on my speed3. pm me for more info.
  4. eppopipe

    Custom 4 0g fuse block

    Nice to see pieces like these. Ill be building em all custom for my build pretty soon
  5. eppopipe

    C and D Batteries 126.7AH each

    pmed a few times, hit me back
  6. Im interested but dont have much money. Keep me in mind before you toss it all
  7. eppopipe

    Need 25 ft of 1/0 wire

    ^^This. I snagged up shok CCA when it was $60 a roll. Two runs of cca is just as good as one run of OFC.
  8. eppopipe

    C and D Batteries 126.7AH each

    Still got any of these? Got a buddy driving by you in a few days, might have him pick up 2. shoot me a pm
  9. eppopipe

    WTB- Fuses/Fuseholder for 1/0

    Found some on ebay, got 5 for 30$ shipped with 220amp fuses
  10. eppopipe

    WTB- Fuses/Fuseholder for 1/0

    Best Ive found so far is 30.
  11. Looking for fuseholders that use setscrew to secure wire. Need 5 of em with fuses atleast 200 amp Budget - $25 flexible.
  12. Looking for a couple big batts, local to 44202 is better. shoot me offers, thanks