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  1. Sold, pending payment.
  2. Alright guys, I need this gone. I have a kid on the way so I am getting out of the stereo scene. Price reduced to $275+ shipping. This is a steal for this sub, dont let this one get away!
  3. Reinhardt

    Kicker ZX1500.1

    Amp will be sold. The auction on eBay is over in less than 6 hours. Its sitting at $242.50 + shipping with 5 hours and 40 min. left, with 29 people watching it. It appears I will be getting more for it than I advertised it on here for.
  4. I would rather have the cash. Thanks anyway.
  5. I ran a Kicker ZX1500.1 amp at about 1200 watts. Not enough power to push it like it needed, didnt have the electrical to handle it. As you can see in the photos, the coil is still bright and shiny like new. The sub is like new, just a little dusty from sitting around not being used, guess I should have wiped it down before I took pictures.
  6. I would put one on and see how it does, just remember the serious buyers usually dont start bidding until the last hour or so.
  7. Go to eBay, that is what I had to do. People are cheap on here. I already have a higher bid on eBay on my Kicker ZX1500 amp than the offers I received on here and it still has 4 days to with 26 people watching and from past experience the last 30 minutes on eBay is when people really start bidding. I am probably going to get more than I wanted from that amp.
  8. Sorry, was a double post. Delete.
  9. Maybe, what do you have? Not really looking for anymore stereo equip.
  10. Here is the ebay link. 12" Incriminator Audio Death Penalty | eBay The lowest I would take would be $300 + shipping. You can try your luck with eBay, I think it has 6 watchers right now but no bids. Starting price is $200 + shipping or buy now for $350 + shipping. It has 4 days to go, I will pull it off for $300 + shipping though, if not it can stay on eBay. I don't expect much bidding activity until the sale is almost over, usually how it goes with eBay, although my Kicker amp has really suprised me how fast it has went up since I put it on there, it is now at $202 + shipping with 4 days left. I guess that is the difference in starting the bids at $.99 vs. $200.
  11. Reinhardt

    SAZ 1500v.3

    I have had better luck selling for what I wanted on eBay than I have on here. The key to eBay is most people don't start bidding until the time is all most over (about the last 30 min.), if you pulled your item earlier you probably messed up. Every time I have tried to sell on here it takes forever and everyone wants to trade and no one wants to give you your asking price. I have never had that problem on eBay, actually have gotten more than I wanted on several occasions. I have made a lot of money by selling on eBay in the past.
  12. Reinhardt

    Kicker ZX1500.1

    Looks like this amp is going to sell, started the bidding at $.99 on Ebay, it went up to $100.46 overnight. It still has 6 days to go so if you want it best get your bids in.