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  1. midwestmusic

    Zapco Model 350 FS

    Still available?
  2. midwestmusic

    crescendo symphony s550/2

    Still available? Really interested.
  3. midwestmusic

    Big Zed Amps USA2300F Planet Audio

    Pictures? Old ones aren't working?
  4. midwestmusic

    WTB eclipse SW8200

    I have a brand new in box 10.
  5. midwestmusic

    Velodyne 6" Sub Pair

    Ok so obviously these and the tang bands are 6" woofers so they won't go crazy. But which pair would you say would dig a little deeper? Lol. Would be going underneath the seat of a truck.
  6. midwestmusic

    Tang Band NEO 6" Sub Pair

    Have pictures? The other ones disappeared
  7. midwestmusic

    Custom TC7 10's - For Sale

    $300 shipped?
  8. midwestmusic

    RLi 10" and eclipse sw8000

    I have 1 brand new in box. Would love another to pair it to..
  9. midwestmusic

    Eclipse SW9122

    How about a trade on an Eclipse sw8000?
  10. midwestmusic

    RLi 10" and eclipse sw8000

    Tell me the eclipse deal feel through.. lol
  11. Solid deal. Wish I had the money right now. Trades? Lol
  12. midwestmusic

    Eclipse SW9122

    Lowest shipped?
  13. midwestmusic

    FI Q 12neo

    Mine was shipped free. Glws
  14. midwestmusic

    (1) Eclipse SW9152 Ti Pro

    Do a steal deal and I'll take it.. lol
  15. midwestmusic

    FI Q 12neo

    No offense brotha. But after personal Shipping it would be about the same as buying from Fi. I realize it's new. But most would take the comfort from the actual supplier for the same price.