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  1. Jeffdachef

    Newbie where to place speakers

    i would have gotten actual midbass drivers rather than pro audio drivers that are incapable of good midbass. You also dont have proper amounts of processing to do this. Its much better to do less than to shove a bunch of random crap in your car that will mess up with the sound stage and overall imaging. If you just want blaring noise then yeah you can install those in anywhere that fits.
  2. Jeffdachef

    2- JL12w3 sealed vs 1- JL12w3 vented

    If you doing prefab, do sealed with big cone area. do not go ported if you are buying prebuilt junk.
  3. Jeffdachef

    I need a cheap decent amp

    audiopipe apmi 2000 is your best bet.
  4. Jeffdachef

    Tc3000 > Btl??

    Finally someone that actually made a fking sensible comment. If he's looking for bloated low whale notes, thats not sound quality he just wants a wind tunnel which requires enclosure work and design along with cabin acoustic manipulation(deadening bracing) If he's looking for actual sound quality, make a more balanced enclosure that gives the flattest linear response and bandwidth with good group delay which means you need to factor in the cabin gain and acoustics as well. Power up the midbass and turn down the sub till it blends with the midbass. Thats a bit more in line of what actual SQ is. Subwoofers are generally not sloppy, the enclosures you put them in the overall alignment is what makes them sloppy.
  5. Jeffdachef

    Ported or sealed box?

    yup basically. If you want to skip all that, download torres box calculator, it includes all displacements in its formula for you.
  6. Jeffdachef

    Ported or sealed box?

    Red will be smoother overall and play deeper which will be better for a wider variety of genres. Black will hit a bit harder, less overall sound quality but definitely punchier.
  7. Jeffdachef

    Ported or sealed box?

    In the design you need to add the vent afterwards. The internal volume will be much higher. So you want to design the box to get a 2 cubic feet net volume first after accounting for bracing and subwoofer displacement then add on the port afterwards for proper tuning.
  8. Jeffdachef

    Ported or sealed box?

    youtube how to use WinISD
  9. Jeffdachef

    Ported or sealed box?

    You'd want a bit more power than needed for headroom especially with rock music. You wont see any audible differences going 1" instead of 3/4, Those kickers do not produce the amount of sound pressure needed to warrant extra strong reinforcement. If you dont know how to design a proper ported, go sealed. Or if you are willing to learn or have someone do a design for you, then definitely go ported. A bit smaller and medium low tuned is decent for rock music.
  10. Jeffdachef

    Has anyone used these in a car? (Emotiva Big Ego)

    it should technically be a much cleaner signal than a normal head unit since the DAC is a much higher grade.
  11. Jeffdachef

    Pioneer GM-D8604 Amp Dyno

    it depends on the type of amp. I'm running this thing at 2 ohms bridged which is 1 ohms per channel when you factor it out and at best it gets slightly warmer than room temperature. Zero issues so far.
  12. Jeffdachef

    2017 Toyota Corolla SE Build Log

    sorry to say corollas dont get loud, you'll be lucky to break a 151. the rattle treatment you have to do is also extensive and no just plain deadener does jack sh*t. you need actual reinforcement. Corollas are flimsy as sh*t and has sh*t acoustics for car audio. Why do I know this? I've owned one and tried to get loud in one purely from the trunk. yuck.
  13. Jeffdachef


    there's no audio difference, they use all the same sound chips. just the software and video hardware is different.
  14. Jeffdachef


    battery to the rear, all amps wired to that rear batt. Capacitors do absolutely nothing, they dont store enough nor do they produce any power, put that money into an even better battery.