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  1. Jeffdachef

    rockville K NINE sub

    The void comment is useless, you wont notice it at all. Its literally just as strong as birch for 1/4 the pricing. Dont get the 7 layer one, look for any lowes or home depot that carries the 11 layered pine..
  2. Jeffdachef

    rockville K NINE sub

    11 layered sanded pine is just as good in my opinion. 30 bucks for a 4 x 8 sheet. Same price as MDF, same strength as birch, only a couple lbs heavier. Makes zero sense paying 120+ bucks in material for a box for a single 12.
  3. Jeffdachef

    Stereo x-over problem

    the crossover is just a rolloff, you'll still get some sound so the midbass blends with the woofer. You can change the slope to a higher slope of the head unit allows it. If you have an amp, you can double up on crossovers of both amp and deck if the bass response of the speaker is causing that big of an issue.
  4. Jeffdachef

    What direction is Sundown heading?

    dude sundown's the next JL audio. They think they can do whatever the f**k they want because Sundown
  5. Jeffdachef

    small system with clear sound

    cheapest solution would be to sell your head unit and get a proper head unit with 3 pairs of RCA outputs. Your current head unit wont be capable of putting out anything worthwhile sound quality wise anyways. Internal head unit DACs matter a lot on how good your sound will be and that particular one has horrible dacs. min requirements for a good head unit is 3 pairs of 4 volt or higher RCA outputs, 13 band EQ, time alignment, 24 bit dac (burr brown preferable). It literally avoids all terrible situations like this when you dont cheap out on the head unit from the start. Otherwise you can use triple RCA splitters or line out convertors and ghetto rig the setup if money is really tight and you just want basic sound.
  6. Jeffdachef

    Digging jbl sub tuned to 42 hz

    or do a 6th order and have both low and upper response.
  7. Jeffdachef

    Digging jbl sub tuned to 42 hz

    I always recommend tuning your enclosure based on how your basslines look on audacity. Makes absolutely dogsh*t sense to tune 30hz for "SQ" and peak low when all your music is in the 40 to 60hz range.
  8. Jeffdachef

    Jl 1000/1 keeps blowing up subs

    blown subs is from sh*t settings. The shop fked you with improper gain settings.
  9. thats not how you check for clipping for car audio.
  10. you didnt lower the tuning by much at all, in fact you could have even raised the tuning by a lot by taking up airspace because those prefabs are already beyond tiny with airspace. There is a point when adding internal walls cause you to raise tuning because you are starving on airspace. I dont think you know how this works. Giving a sub lower power and it not moving as much does not cause it to heat up. You have less power going to the coils and there should be literally no issues with heat. If what you said was true then whenever anyone lowers their sound system volume down, they will blow their subs. You never even mentioned how you tested your amp for clean wattage or if you 100% know you have a clean signal. My money is 100% on you having a dirty clipped signal with an amp thats not putting out anywhere enough power to push the subs and you are dissatisfied with the output and cranked it up. Just because you dont hear distorted bass doesnt meant you are not clipping with a dirty signal. Heated coils basically means clipped dirty signal by almost default and there's no exception in your particular case here.
  11. You dont worry about vibration. Its box flex that you worry about. Vibration is unavoidable with a box flopping around in the trunk.
  12. Jeffdachef

    Bassin in Acura RSX

    you dont even grab signal before the factory amp. The signal path would be your phone to bluetooth dongle to DSP. Thats going to sound cleanest. Disregard any signal from the head unit path completely.
  13. Jeffdachef

    Bassin in Acura RSX

    i never said anything about taking out the factory head unit. I just said bypass all the bullsh*t completely.
  14. Jeffdachef

    Bassin in Acura RSX

    literally skip anything factory and just go straight audio into bluetooth dongle to dayton dsp to amps to speakers. Fk anything factory, get that sh*t out the way. Maybe keep the rear speakers on factory head unit so you can at least hear calls. You dont tap into anything no hi level or RCA at all. The sound is night and day better with a bluetooth 320kbps stream to the dayton dongle which sounds amazing, natural and transparent and smooth vs an RCA or hi level input connection to the dsp while playing flac files on usb which just sounds like utter sh*t.
  15. Jeffdachef

    They sold him coaxials...

    You should throw that setup disc away because no music is recorded in 0 db. You just literally throw countless amounts of output into the trash setting the gains like that. If you have audacity, monitor some of the music he plays, figure out his highest db reading in his recordings and through the software you can generate a test tone of that certain frequency and recording level and set gains through that instead which will be a lot more accurate.