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  1. Dub7sonoma

    Mint Arc Audio xdi600.1

    Just keep it and buy my BNIB ARC xdi450.4 to match it
  2. Dub7sonoma

    7-8k amplifier

    DS18 FR9000.1 I usually sell them for $949 but ive got them on sale at the moment. PM me if your interested
  3. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    Yeah the newest version is what I sell for $700-$750. They the DS18 baskets. I know what you mean about the SQ and AB 4" pricing, there's not much out there that can beat those for the price. This sub is in a little different league. Not saying its better or worse. It has a softer suspension and more xmax
  4. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    around $700-$750
  5. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    Spacers between spider packs give the glue more contact area to the former. Also spacing spiders apart helps keep coils linear longer.
  6. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    Ill burp them clamp the amps again soon and let you know at least what they are handling on a burp ---------- Post added at 04:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:35 PM ---------- I refer to it as the v1 because they just updated them with their own baskets with the DS18 logo in them
  7. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    I was running CT Sounds when they were new. I had literally the first Mesos is Louisiana back when they were doing the buy 4 get 1 free promotions for their dealers. Its been a LONG time since CT Sounds has been in my truck. I just havent had the chance to cut new decals and change them.
  8. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    Most of what youve heard is probably from people with no hands on experience. The amps ive clampled all do rated and for the price of the big pro fr amps, there isnt much that can beat it. There mids sound great and so far all the subs ive used have had no problems.
  9. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    So far ive gained a little over a db but my windshield has also come just about completely unglued from the roof, so im sure it much more than a db but i wont have proof until i replace the windshield
  10. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    I over their products. I noticed that too, but it hasnt had a problem yet. Their amps do rated power from all the times ive clamped them or seen them clamped. ---------- Post added at 04:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:27 PM ---------- I think they are single spider packs spaced out. They werent as stiff as my hdc4s were when new.
  11. Dub7sonoma

    Wiring dual alts

    Id recommend just making it self exciting or ignition turn on. I wouldn't wire them parallel with it being PWM
  12. Dub7sonoma

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    Take a look at these heffers. 4k rms and 6k max 4" voice coils direct leads weights roughly 60lbs Here's some pics with a couple for comparison. From left to right is Soundqubed HDS3 12", Soundqubed HDC4 12" and DS18 Hooligan 12" My goal is to break a 160 with 4 of these without a strictly burp build. So far Im running four on two DS18 9000s and plan to add 2 more 9ks
  13. Dub7sonoma

    4-5k Watt Mono Amp

    I can sell you a new 6k for $650 shipped with warranty. It does almost 5k at 12.3v Pm me if youre interested
  14. Dub7sonoma

    wolfram got subs in.. i guess

    Cant go wrong with PowerBass
  15. Dub7sonoma

    Skar RP-4500.1d

    I can get you a 6k for the price of the rp4500. Pm me