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  1. timmgrimm

    Speaker selection for 2003 Tundra

    Idk why I haven't this before now ( I haven't been into stereo components in a while) but after more searching I found a few options that will prolly be my best choice. I'm thinking something along the lines of the Kicker 11HS8 or Focal Integration IBus 20 to go under my front passenger seat. Something like this really covers all my bases; sub, enclosure, amp. Now I need to find out the amount of space I'm working with. Based on this, unless there is a killer deal when I make my purchase, I'll need to go with the COM-626CR. My budget is definitely maxed for car stereo at no more than 1000 and that including the head unit. For that I'm going with the app radio 2.
  2. timmgrimm

    Speaker selection for 2003 Tundra

    Thank you for your help. How ****** are free air subs. Are they really that big of a waste. I read someone had one under their passenger seat. I really wish I could just put a box behind the back seat. The seats don't go down and I haven't seen any examples of one for my year, so i'm thinking that it isn't possible. Practically everyone I'm has there's under their seat. Based on the bass info you have me, its sounds like some form of sub is necessary. I'd say, 8" is fine and 10" would be max.
  3. timmgrimm

    Speaker selection for 2003 Tundra

    I looked into the jl stealth box. That was my immediate first choice but from everything I've read, it doesn't fit my 4x4. If i must get a sub then i'm willing to look into other options like that q-logic, but my thoughts are that even though factory set up is nothing to write home about it supplies a "decent" amount of fullness considering what it is. I'm thinking that if I could just get an all around upgrade on that without truly losing anything in any department (I.e. highs, mids, and lows) I could accept that. My fear is buying a speakers that are specifically meant for mids and highs and don't provide any bass, if that makes any sense. What are your thoughts on that q-logis enclosure? And if the other set up you suggested was a 10, what would you rate the CDT COM-626CR? When I went to vertex, the hd-62 were $399 by themselves. As much as I want to jump on current deals I have to wait till I get home in late may. Thanks for you help. One thing that bothers me about the q logic is that it's right under my sons seat when he's with me. After a little more reading about the q-logic apparently they are garbage and I'm not one to throw away money on crap, especially since I've already come to terms with no sub.
  4. timmgrimm

    Speaker selection for 2003 Tundra

    So I'm deployed and I'm putting together my wishlist for when I get home in may. I'm looking to replace my factory system, but don't envision installing a subwoofer based on the absolute lack of space in my 2003 tundra access cab. (I have a five year old son that rides in the back.) I looked into the only practical stealhbox offered by Q-logic, but based on the price and reviews I'm thinking that I'm going to pass. So that leaves me with just replacing the factory setup. It is 2x 6.5 s with 1" tweeters and 2x 6.5 coaxial. I listen to metal (must do well with blast beats) and rock/alternative ,rarely, and I mean rarely rap. I'm hoping that the speakers alone will have enough bass. I'm hoping to keep the price to around 250 for all. I saw one set that peaked my interest by CDT. Its $219 for a complete setup for my size. I haven't found much about them but what I have read was good. I'm clearly not expecting it to be the top end but I do want quality. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also I'd love to hear if anyone has any positive experience with that sub box. amazon.com Toyota Tundra-Subwoofer-Enclosure-Q-Customs cdtstore.com com626cr