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  1. Milk Mayne


    ^Yes it's fixed at 25hz, as are virtually all their sub amps built in the last 6ish years.
  2. Milk Mayne

    2 Dc lvl5 m1 15's

    Something is wrong on your end then, I see his five pics just fine.
  3. You need ALOT more port area, like 50% more. I haven't got to tinker around with tuning and my XCON as of yet, but I hear they like tuned low, 28-32Hz. Sorry I didn't see the picture that you're going with ~4ft^3. I'd bump the port area up to about 60 sq in.
  4. Milk Mayne

    what to do to my car?

    I'm guessing he's keeping the 500 wrms amp he's got, considering he didn't mention a change in that. However, I would take the $400 you have available, and get ONE 15 and a cheap amp that'll put out some decent power. I'd say run a BRX1100.1 on a SA15 and call it a day. I'm sure it'll sound way better and be much louder than the P3s or whatever you've got now. But you'd also wanna spend another $60-70 and buy the materials to build a proper ported enclosure.
  5. Milk Mayne

    Another NOOB But Need Help.

    Any respectable shop should fix it free of charge if you bring the vehicle and the problem to their attention. As long as its not somethin you have done, but from the sounds of things, this isn't the case.
  6. Milk Mayne

    FS: Pair of Deka unigy 31hr5000

    X3 to how old they are. I might pick one up here in a couple weeks if they're still around.
  7. Milk Mayne

    Tat2bass' build log

    I had the same problem with the connectors breaking off my Type-X mids after installing/uninstalling a few times in different vehicles. Should've tried to fix them instead of chuck them, I loved the way they sounded. Great build, keep up the good work. I like the A pillars, never would've thought it would look that good without any glass work.
  8. Milk Mayne

    4 channel amp with only one rca output from HU

    Hook an RCA cable to the deck, and at the other end use TWO Y-splitters, then connect the four ends you have into your amp.
  9. Milk Mayne

    motor i am going to make this year

    ^For the 30 layer voice coil he's designing this year too! You shouldn't have any problems selling those. I wanna see specs!
  10. Milk Mayne

    Tube Watts vs. Solid-state Watts

    Interesting write up! I'd like to hear a tube amp setup someday to note the personal differences.
  11. Why are you even thinking of mixing subs when you have four Punch HE 12's available?
  12. What kind of speakers do you have running to the head unit? Not off the amp/RCAs but on the FL/FR channels, etc?
  13. Milk Mayne

    touch screen install 2011 ford edge

    People are so lazy.
  14. Milk Mayne

    please give me your honest opinion on this box

    Shops are gonna kill you on pricing. Find an independent builder. If I was to do that same enclosure around here it would start around $160, and adjust depending on if the buyer had any particular requests (kerfing, paint, particular carpet/wrap, logo, etc). Honestly, if you ever plan on getting a different subwoofer (at any point),hit up a pawn shop and get some tools. It would cost you about what a good local builder should do a box for, but you'll have the satisfaction if doing it yourself, and have the tools for other projects in the future. Another thing, it would be a total shame to put that XCON in anything that's not designed with it in mind. You would just be defeating the purpose of getting something of that caliber, should've just got some Kickers or something if you want to throw them in a prefab.
  15. Milk Mayne

    Need 2 12 inch subs

    Funky Pups.