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  1. an thanks alot guys. i will play around with it later and make it a little smaller. i will update when i do
  2. yes i have tried sub forward but the results are much less.greatest output i have seen is from sub up
  3. i also forgot to add that the sub will be seeing somewhere close to 1000 watts. its on a hifonics gladiator 1400 watt amp at 2ohms but im only running 4gauge wire (for the moment)
  4. So i sketched up a design for 1 sundown sa 10. it will be going on the backseat of my crewcab chevy truck. i just want to see what yall think about it. Opinions/thoughts/improvements/tips greatly appreciated. this is my first box design so I know its not perfect. just lookin for a little advice and feedback. And BTW i am a very skilled artist as you can tell. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26548155[/ATTACH] I wanted to make a 6" aero port for it but the length (according to the12volt.com's calculator) would have to be like 40 inches so i definately would not fit it. feel free to check all the math an add anything. in my crewcab the sub is definately louder facing the roof. so should i face the port up too or just leave on the side. Thanks in advance. Just want to get it all right before i build it. incase u cant read numbers in pic here are external measurements: height=12 inches width= 24 inches. depth= 13 1/2 inches gross internal volume= 1.64 ft^3 net interal volume(after port and sub displacement)= 1.43 ft^3 4" aero 16 1/2" long= 35htz
  5. dlg3413

    time to upgrade. suggestions??

    ok well i think im just gonna give my box building skills another shot for my 1 sa10 an go from there. ive been lookin at a bunch of plans an i think i can make it work. im thinkin about one of these 2 boxes. which one would be better? any other suggestions? thanks. and @bbeljefe thanks but im a little far down south in covington
  6. dlg3413

    Doing free box designs

    Vehicle : 09 chevy silverado crew cab Location in the vehicle: On backseat Space available (Length x Width x Height):30L x 16W x 18H (maximum room i have. build anywhere within these specs) Subwoofer type: sundown sa series Subwoofer Size:10 Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): slot What type of music do you like?: rap Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: somewhere in the middle. i want it to feel like its gonna rip your chest apart but still maintain some sound quality Tuning Freq (Hz): 32ish (or watever would be best for my goal^) Volume :around 1.5 cuft maybe? whatever would be best for my goals. it is being powered by a hifonics 1400watt running at 2ohms(1000watts) special requests: just a stupid simple stupid loud box
  7. dlg3413

    time to upgrade. suggestions??

    well like i said i didnt buy them new. idk why my freind bought 2 different subs but for $150 for both i couldnt pass that up. they sounded good but my box is all one single chamber so i would have to get a new box(which i did an the output was not nearly as great)
  8. dlg3413

    time to upgrade. suggestions??

    an space isnt really that big a deal because i never use my backseat an ive becer had a problem with the box i have now being there
  9. dlg3413

    time to upgrade. suggestions??

    ok. to start off i have an 09 silverado crew cab with 2 sundown 10's in a prefab ported box on my back seat. (1 is a sa 10 an the other is an e10. i didnt buy them new, got em both for $150 from a freind an they were not even fully broke in yet) they are runnin off a hifonics gladiator 1400.1 amp at 1 ohm. well yesterday my e10 seized up so i think im just gonna rebuild my system -the amp. this setup had a nice thump to it an it outdid all my freinds systems (which really isnt saying much) but it was a more "hear it not feel it" type system. i want a heart pounding system now. i was thinkin maybe either 2 12's or 1 good 15. any suggestions?i wanna keep the price down tho to a max of about $200. ive kinda been lookin at rockford p2's or one p3 15. any other suggestions?
  10. dlg3413

    dual battery help

    alright. thanks man
  11. dlg3413

    dual battery help

    k. thanks. i was just wondering because i read somewhere that 2 different batterys would draw off each other an drain each other out
  12. hi i need some help with my system. ive got 2 sundown 10's an a 1400 watt hifonics amp. even though my truck has a decent electrical system as it is stock, the voltage still drops sn i want to put another battery in it(it has an extra tray for one). when doing this, how would i wire them up an do i have to have 2 of the same batterys or can they be different. really dont want (or have the $) to buy 2 new batterys. any input appreciated
  13. dlg3413

    cant feel my bass??

    they have to separate chambers. its not like i just threw them in together ---------- Post added at 10:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:49 PM ---------- *2
  14. dlg3413

    cant feel my bass??

    Alright so i have 2 sundown 10's. one is an sa, the other is an e series (no i didnt buy them brand new like this. i got both of em from a friend for $150 for both an they were practically brand new. not even fully broken in yet) I am very impressed with these subs. They are INSANELY loud. im running them on a hifonics gladiator 1400 watt amp at 1 ohm. everything in and outside my trucks rattles like crazy an as soon as i turn it up my rearview mirror folds down. but a friend of mine has 1 rockford p3 12 on a bazooka 400 watt amp an while his is not nearly as loud as mine, it feels as if its gonna rip your chest apart and mine feels nothing like this. Why is that? is it the size of the woofer or the box? they are both ported but mine i built myself an i will be honest, its pretty shi**y. lol. his is professionally built tho an if im not mistaken i think its a t-line box. any input is greatly appreciated!! thanks. i just want mine to rip my chest apart too! haha
  15. dlg3413

    Neeed help plz

    yes. that is wat it is. 2 channels into 1 pair of rca's