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  1. urmomsmin3

    Any one ever used lanzar max series subs?

    i found these 2 and the one i listed has double 50 oz motors and looks a tad better im only gonna run them on a sound stream rubicon 1000.1 but below is the outher model i wanna do 6 of something but on a budget just to see if thell get loud no any outher no name brands or lower end deals ? Lanzar MAXP84 Max Pro Small Enclosure 4 Subwoofer 8" 800W UPC 68888891653 | eBay
  2. wanting to run 6 8's and for the price these look to better quality then some others out there opinions? New Lanzar MAX8 8" 600W Car Audio Subwoofer Sub 600 Watt 068888726412 | eBay
  3. i have a slighty used ddm80 amp for sale and a blown kicker zr240 both amps are best reasonable offer will add pics wen i go on break need these gone collecting dust
  4. urmomsmin3

    wtt DDm80

    bump need gone guys 160 + shipping
  5. urmomsmin3

    5x7/6x8 vs 6.5 componets

    I ran into same prob I have a ford also I just went with 6.5 s
  6. urmomsmin3

    Best amp for sundown sa 8 v2

    My ddm80 would run a set nicely as it all ready has
  7. do they really work ive seen threads that they do and dont and also wat is the 30 amp and 80 amp difference with them? im tired of the buzzing i have in my truck wen volume is on 0 i can some times here am stations and no 1 can seem to find the ground loop wtf is goin on here..lol
  8. i have 1/0 welding cable in my truck not no were near as flexible as most other cables its pretty stiff reminds me of like the wally world amp kits
  9. urmomsmin3

    wtt DDm80

    bump.need this thing.gone lookin for.180 pluse shipping might even.ship.for.free depending
  10. urmomsmin3

    any good cheap amps.out there

    I.like the.10s box.fits.nicely still.have.room.for work junk and there no were near getting beat on ive had mutiple.8s 12s 18 15s all top qualty but these 10s just sound the best to me personal opion I.guess
  11. urmomsmin3

    any good cheap amps.out there

    and for got to add there upgraded to take.700 rms each.lol I.habe them on a ddm80 at 14.4 but it.just.ant doin the.job and im not gonna full.tilt the amp
  12. urmomsmin3

    any good cheap amps.out there

    stupied phone lol and I no but.dude wont.anwser
  13. looking for.a amp to.push around.1200 1k at.1ohm. for the.cheap to.push.to.incrimnator 187 10s. found a sound.stream.rubicon.1000d on.cl.for.40$ but seems.to.good.to be true lol brand dont matter im.alawys down.to test different things
  14. heres my mounty with my baby tires..lol
  15. urmomsmin3

    Any 1 good with headunits?

    so i have this buzz /alternator whine i grounded the rca out puts on back of the headunit and to my surprise it got a tad better if that its so annoying is there any other fixes out there besides buying a new headunit