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  1. NewKindOfClown

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    I'm all set to order a Taramps HD-3000 1ohm on Amazon for $185, and I want to replace my RCA cables while I'm at it. As far as I know, they're all pretty much the same? I've always used KnuKonceptz stuff, but I'm all ears if you guys recommend something else.
  2. NewKindOfClown

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    So was my Rockford Fosgate amp (tested at 1,324 @1ohm, per the insert) likely underpowering my subs which were wired for 1,200W RMS? And is there a particular target number I should aim for regarding overhead, or a way to calculate that? I upgraded to 4-gauge OFC for power and ground, but it's a relatively long run since the amp is in the back. I would've liked to have used 2, but my amp didn't support it.
  3. NewKindOfClown

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    Okay, opportunity for me to learn something here: Why are you guys recommending the MD1800 and MD3000 instead of the MD1200 which is rated for the same RMS power as the combined rating of my two subs?
  4. NewKindOfClown

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    I completely understand what you mean about people not taking the advice they ask for. I'm a moderator on a popular Jeep forum, and I admin their Facebook page. People drive me nuts sometimes. I've actually been using this forum for years to study the subject of car audio and to research various items. I tend not to post on forums unless I simply can't find the answer I'm looking for on my own. In this case, my research has shown me that the various budget brands tend to be bought and sold, or change production methods, pretty regularly. What may have been a great value 6 months ago might not be any good today, and that's why I created the thread. I appreciate you seconding his suggestion, and I'm looking at those amps now.
  5. NewKindOfClown

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    Thank you, I'll look into these to get started. I suppose I could've said off-brand, or budget, or something else, but I think the intent was clear. For an amp that will almost certainly need to be replaced due to exposure to elements long before any mechanical design failure, I just want the best deal I can get for a product that fits the bill. I don't want to buy the cheapest product out there with no research, but I also don't want to spend the extra money on a name-brand amp if a cheaper option will achieve the same results. In my car, I spend the money for quality I trust. In my Jeep, everything is disposable to some degree. It's a matter of weighing the cost:benefit ratio.
  6. NewKindOfClown

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    I have a '93 Wrangler with two Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D4-12 subs wired at 1ohm in a custom box. I just lost my second RF M1200-1D marine amp (this time due to my own stupidity). RF doesn't make the marine version of this amp anymore, and I feel like I can get quality amp for less money than the standard M1200. I usually try to research this stuff into oblivion and make a confident decision, but I've noticed that the 'best Chinese amp brand' tends to be in categories of power, class, etc, and they change frequently. So I'm wondering, as of March 2019, what's the best value Class D amp to power my two subs, rated for 1200W RMS combined? (The amp will be exposed to moisture, but not directly to water)