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  1. So the sundown v4 is out for sale next month. i preorder 2 v4 18''s I am wondering how much would this subwoofer take daily!!! sundown 6500 is what i have now this should do fine???
  2. xlcorylx

    Hifonics Brutus 2100.1D $180 Shipped

    and give me some good news lol
  3. xlcorylx

    Hifonics Brutus 2100.1D $180 Shipped

    still for sale pm me and ill buy right now!
  4. thats al i wanted to here!
  5. Is this correct??? 2-1ohm amps Strapped making it 2 ohms= Sub needs to be 2 ohms 1-dvc 4ohm sub so i took both termial +'s and connected it to the master amp and took both -'s and connected it to the slave amp Is it going to be 2ohms all together? or 4 ohms lol ?
  6. xlcorylx

    SS Rubicon 2500.1D - $250.00 Shipped

    ok i have the cash lol! hit me up
  7. O and this dam thing even got refrubished befor i got it
  8. Visonik 4000xd - Ma audio hk4000 I dont know much about inside the amps this amp it think burnt up, someone said its from voltage drop but not shur Shuld i just get a new amp or get this fixed , maby its to far gone
  9. xlcorylx

    visonik 4000xd??? help

    i pluged it up and it never worked!!! i hope i dont get screwed i have 2 k2400's batt stock alt
  10. xlcorylx

    visonik 4000xd??? help

    no it was an ebay'er lol it was a woman =[ description said: The amp appears to be almost new condition! My ex-boyfriend was sponsored by Visonik for competing in car audio, and this was one of his spare amps, so the box has been opened but the amplifier appears to have never been installed. hah Never expected that lolol It was his spare blown amp for parts i guess lol!!! this *****
  11. xlcorylx

    visonik 4000xd??? help

    thats nutz lol i really wanted some bass going too =[
  12. xlcorylx

    visonik 4000xd??? help

    I just bought this amp and recieved it today... hooked it up and nothing, so i took it out and looked into the guts and bammm looks like somone cooked it lol So this was not caused by me right??? lol it would haved smoked i assume Because i am wanting to return this now =[ O and another question wtf caused this???
  13. xlcorylx

    visonik 4000xd??? help

    dam this is bull if i check out the guts would i se somthing bernt or somthin there is a smell coming form it, it smells like a burnt subwoofer coil in the amp ---------- Post added at 02:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:57 PM ---------- ok ill post pics an a lil bit
  14. dose the visonik 4000xd run on 12v becuase it dosent work! the fan comes on but no pretection lights at all, no green light or red im pretty shur its broke but how can i tell if it is for shur broke
  15. you can fix this u could even jb weld the holes but u need battery asid and half disteld water