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    I practically eat sleep car audio. I work a hella lot but I love spening extra time with my 2 daughters and wife.
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    Shipping cooridnatior/ hilo driver
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    Work. Lol hanging with my family
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    pioneer hu, audio technix 0 run,big3,ppi 1800 blackice,2 12 americanbass xfls, xs d925,d3400
  1. Groundpounder22

    box for 2 12 americicanbass xfls

    Thanks guy!!
  2. http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurationsm.asp#_index my bad here it is
  3. Oh hold on... I dont think your right the saz is mono block heres a link woofer_configurationsm.asp#_index
  4. Yea thats right you have a mutimeter check with that so that way you know your self you have it wired correctly.
  5. I had the same problem i had my ground to a seatbolt. I moved it to my frame and got better rca's now im good.
  6. Groundpounder22

    want to install battery

    Just figured id update you guys on what ive done. Big 3 complete xs d4300 in the back with a xs d925 in the front. No dimming at all.
  7. Ive looked all over the place and called bob (but no answer) trying to find this info. I just need to know the the size qubic ft and port size. Im trying to build this today. The box will be in a 04 malibu. The smallest mesurements are 36 width,hight 16,depth 28
  8. Groundpounder22

    wtb aq 2200

    Im looking to buy this amp next friday. It will be powering to ab xfls. Wanting to spend around 330 or so. Let me know thank you.
  9. Groundpounder22

    you try to teach them....

    If your running subs yea you do.
  10. Groundpounder22

    you try to teach them....

    I have people come up to me all the time,asking me questions on what to get and they do the very opposite. I dont understand as well. What can you do? You can fix stupid. Or what my mom always told me a hard head makes a soft as$. Lol
  11. Groundpounder22

    need info quick

    Okay well i found out its 105 amps. Im fusing it tomarrow. Now i want to know where i can find a audio technix white sticker at.
  12. Groundpounder22

    need info quick

    Okay. Im not sure what my amp is on my car. It looks like it was a new one installed when i got the car. Is their anyway to tell what amp it is?
  13. Groundpounder22

    need info quick

    Alright im just gonna leave it then. My lights are still dimming though. I have a stock alt but should i upgrade my battery next or what? Not really sure lol
  14. Groundpounder22

    need info quick

    I just did the big 3 on my 04 chevy malibu i was wondering should i fuse it? And what size fuse? I got a ppi blackice 1800.1. I have a 200 amp on my run to my amp. Do i just match the amp of my alt? Help plz...