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  1. Trevor28139

    4th order vs vented wall

    i thought 6th orders were really hard on subs?
  2. i have a 2001 expedition with: 2 DD 3515 CF 1 DD M3A currently have a vented box subs firing up vent back. going to do a rebuild this weekend and trying to decide between: A fourth order with subs firing up into vented chamber with vented chamber firing forward, everything walled off behind the back seat. A vented enclosure subs firing forward vent firing forward everything walled off. my thought process is that if i wall off the space behind the back seat it reduces the amount of space to pressurize. my main focus is daily listening but would like to see a nice number on the meter as well.
  3. Trevor28139

    Interior Panels Rattling....

    i had not planned on it, but that was because i didnt know about it. details?
  4. Trevor28139

    Interior Panels Rattling....

    awesome info there...thanks
  5. Trevor28139

    Interior Panels Rattling....

    Just got the new amps and new subs in and it is doing low 50's now. Trying to track down the panels that are rattling inside and the more i find that are rattling the more i realize that every single one is rattling. Is there a trick to curing that OTHER than shooting drywall screws into the panels to better secure them in place, id like to keep the truck semi stock looking.
  6. Trevor28139

    Carbon Fiber Kevlar Cone vs Paper

    went with the CF....not had much time to get it tuned....but they are loud. the CF cones for same money as paper seemed like better value...
  7. Trevor28139

    Carbon Fiber Kevlar Cone vs Paper

    well i can get the paper cone ones if i want. both are fresh recones same money
  8. Trevor28139

    Carbon Fiber Kevlar Cone vs Paper

    That cant actually work can it?
  9. Trevor28139

    Carbon Fiber Kevlar Cone vs Paper

    looking at doing two two DD 3515s carbon fiber cones. Have heard that the CF cones sound a bit harsher than the paper cones. Going to pick them up tmrw just wondering if anyone has some insight on this...
  10. Trevor28139

    How much sound deadner in expedition

    I appreciate all the feedback.... unfortunately when I take all the comments in, I think i am more confused than i was before LOL. But do have to dig into CCF and do some research not heard much about it before
  11. Trevor28139

    How much sound deadner in expedition

    not competition at all just DD but front stage is geared toward SQ and subs, trying to get the best of both worlds....trying.
  12. Trevor28139

    How much sound deadner in expedition

    Did you use 60 or 80 mil? That was my main question the footage is not hard to calculate but i don't know how many layers....and i hate doing something and then having to order more or end up at a shop paying full retail pricing because i didn't plan properly
  13. About to tear truck down to get ready for next build, I intend to not to tear it down again so I would like to get the sound deadener right the first time and I want to ensure that I have enough on hand to do the entire truck adequately. Looking at the AT and they have 80-120-240 sq foot. Ballpark estimate is I have no more than 40 sq ft of floor, so double that for the roof and we are at 80, then the doors, which I'm doing pods so I don't have to worry about the actual inside of the doors just the inner skin. so 120 sq ft seems to me like it would be enough IF one layer is sufficient. I'm not very concerned with spending money on it but I don't also don't want to over order and **** away money either. So is 1 layer of 60 mil adequate? or what would you guys with experience with it recommend? And if anyone has done a similar sized vehicle, how much did you use to get good results? Ford Expedition
  14. Trevor28139

    box help. need input

    that works but need to use a sound deadner on the wall, metal likes to resonate quite badly
  15. could you do a vent possibly? might be easier to achieve proper tuning without port noise