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  1. eli346

    High pass on jvc head unit cutting out sub?!

    Alright so it's definitely plugged into the right pre outs. Wth jvc apparently I shouldve stuck with pioneer. So is there anything I can do to fix this? Not running a high pass isn't really an option door speakers dont really like 25 hz. Could I leave the high pass on the head unit on and then crank the gain on my amp way up to make up for the signal that it's cutting to the sub? Or does it not work like that.
  2. eli346

    High pass on jvc head unit cutting out sub?!

    That's what i thought at first but i can still turn the sub up amd down and set the low pass for it with the sub control so im pretty positive it's in the right one but ill pull it out and double check.
  3. I just recently bought a JVC Kds79Bt (I cant post the link to it from my phone). It has 3 sets of pre outs a front, a rear and a sub out im using the sub out and when I turn on the high pasd filter it almost cocompletely cuts all bass out from my sub. I can go into sub controls on the hu and turn the sub up and down or off so its plugged into the right pre out. Does anybody else have any experience with a jvc doing this? Or is thete something wrong with mine?
  4. Mine is also a second gen. I was trying to keep the jump seat still useable but its looking like even with my single 15 box the person sitting in the jump seet would have almost no room so im considering just using the entire space of the extended cab
  5. I know you've had a lot of different setups in yours have you ever done 2 15's? I have two sitting around but it doesnt look like id be able to fit them both without making a box that's almost a wall. So i think i might just run one any recommendations for the port? it'll be sub forward but im not sure if i should port up or to the side.
  6. If you have an S10 or a Sonoma post some pictures of what you have done. I have a Sonoma and would like to get some ideas for a box build. But anything in a Sonoma or S10 would be good to see just for some ideas for future plans.
  7. This will be the first box i've made for a hatchback car so im wondering what the best way to do it is. Subs up and port back? Or should i try facing everything back if i can? The box is going to be for 2 12" xfls
  8. eli346

    Fix for androids quiet music player?

    H.u. is this: JVC EXAD KD-AVX1 DVD / CD receiver with 3" LCD screen at Crutchfield.com Im using the aux input. I have a first generation 8 gb iphone that i use to play music off of i was just hoping to use my phone so i don't have to carry both of them all the time.
  9. eli346

    Fix for androids quiet music player?

    Really don't wanna root it and lose my warranty because i can't afford the $ 800 for a new one if it breaks
  10. I just got the new lg Optimus G a couple of days ago and was excited about the 32 gb of internal storage until i put songs on it and songs play very noticeably quieter off this phone than the same song playing off my ipod. My last android was like this too is there any way to fix this? If not that 32 gb of space is kind of useless to me.
  11. you'll need this JVC KSPD100 Adapter for iPod Interface:Amazon:Car Electronics
  12. I run the avx1 in my car and can say it's a good unit. One thing about it if its like mine the aux in that is built in only will play sound to the hu powered speakers the amp wont get the signal. But it's 6 dollars for the adapter that turns the cd changer into an aux input that works like a regular aux input. Good deal here!
  13. eli346

    BNIB Audiopipe Apsm 1500 $90

    48416 Brown City, Mi
  14. eli346

    BNIB Audiopipe Apsm 1500 $90

    Thanks. Got a deal on 2 d4 xfl 12's in a 4.5 cube box at 32 hz for $180 kinda ruined my plans for getting D2 subs but I couldn't pass that deal up. Now I need this gone to get some money back in the bank, somebody buy this!