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  1. sbarber82

    Finishing up the blow through!

    The box is 4 cuft sealed and 11 cuft ported tuned to 46hz. Peaks at 41 hz and plays everything from 28-65hz with authority.
  2. sbarber82

    Finishing up the blow through!

    Tantric HDD 15s
  3. sbarber82

    Finishing up the blow through!

    Thanks man! it is decently loud. I ordered a 7500.1 to throw on it so it should get louder!
  4. sbarber82

    Finishing up the blow through!

    Oh yea I added this beast! Singer hairpin 6 phase 320 amp alternator
  5. I cleaned up the rats nest I had going back there. Plastidipped the backplate, and added the voltage meter. Now I gotta vacuum.
  6. sbarber82

    3rd Annual BassHeads Meet During CES 2014

    Thanks, btw its Steve not Scott.. No biggie If you're coming to CES or if you just want to come to Vegas you should come to the meet. There will be some big dogs there. Steve Meade, Gary Killian, Audiotistics with their van (64 10s) and many more!
  7. Come join us on Jan 8th 2014 for a good time and some loud cars. You can join our event page on Facebook here -->https://www.facebook...23156684521406/ Look forward to hosting you during CES!!
  8. sbarber82

    Droppin' HZ Car Audio

    I think the site turned out great. It was a lot of work and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to build your web store. Wish you the best of luck! Best site online for real basshead equipment! Top brands in the game! Check it out guys! Droppin HZ Car Audio Anyone out there interested in a website build or search engine optimization send me a pm!
  9. I don't know if it popped. My wife said it was smoking so I shut the truck off and sure enough the anl fuse holder was smoking
  10. So I installed my EA 300amp alternator today with external voltage regulator. I fried the 300a ANL fuse I have between the alt + post and the battery. Should I not be fusing this wire to begin with? I have heard to not fuse it as well as to fuse it. I am not sure what to do at this point. Experts please chime in!