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  1. I picked up an Eclipse 8051 brand new in the box a while back and I have it installed although I am also wondering if I found an Eclipse DSP how the sound would differ. Assuming it is compatible with this unit. I understand it is there so you can tune it perhaps is that correct? I have a 99 Miata and it has stock speakers that I want to change out. I am just into the old school stuff (Eclipse, MB Quart - that you can't find anywhere pretty much). But I would like to install a DSP unit if it will improve my sound. I am currently using a Eclipse AMP 50x4 that is over 10 years old as well. Is it true that the newer head units they sell nowadays all pretty much have a built in DSP?
  2. I've saw one or two out there that are supposed to play WAV files. But the details did not explain if this was from a CD or USB stick. Does anyone know if companies will start integrating WAV playback from USB or even external hard drive for car stereos? It would be nice to find one that simply reads files from a USB stick or drive and allows you to scroll through them and play them. I am not interested in MP3, ATRAC3 or anything else other than lossless. I am at the point where I am wondering if I will have to buy a CD changer to get decent sound quality from my personal music downloads.
  3. I have an Eclipse head unit and an IPC-106 iPod adapter. I am unable to fast forward tracks with it, only change to the next track. Even though it sounds good, it is not as good as the Eclipse CD player sound quality or possibly an aux input. I wanted to see about using an AUX input option but then I would loose all available controls from the head unit to the iPod. And.. I do NOT want to try changing tracks on the iPod touch screen while driving of course. Is there an adapter that plugs into the iPod dock port that will allow you to control all the track changes, fast forward, stop, pause - etc? I only store music in WAV format on my iPod. I know my music. I don't need to see it on a display or anything special BUT I do need to be able to control it. The setup i have does not work. Only if I use the CD and I'm frankly SICK of cd's falling all over my car.
  4. Yeah doesn't seem possible with this one according to the IPC-106 manual or it simply doesn't seem to explain it very well. I wondered if the iSimple would allow this. It connects through the wire harness I think instead of the LAN ports on the Eclipse Head Unit. Be interesting to find out - can't seem to find that out via google. Or if it will just do the same thing that the IPC-106 does. I think its because my unit doesn't support something called iPod Controller Mode and that might limit me from being able to fast forward, pause etc. Looking closer at the manual: It looks like according to the manual that if I push the button for DISC 4 (basically number 4 on the buttons below) that selects the search mode (song) I will have fast forward, rewind operation. Right now if I hold the select switch on the volume nob it just goes to the next song. Just haven't tried pushing '4' first before doing that. Ill try that and update.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I got it working and believe me I have wanted get an iPod setup in the car to do exactly this as long as I can remember. However how I realize that I do miss the ability to search. Only because want to be able to dig passed the intro of some tracks then let them play. I would like to know if you can/can't fast forward. I'll have to look at the IPC manual. Or I'll just have to change units. I just love this one too bad it can't search. I have only WAV files on the iPhone 4 and they sound great.
  6. movingzachb

    HELP! Eclipse CD-8455

    I just got a hold of an IPC-106 for my 8052 - haven't tried it yet but if it allows me to switch tracks with the radio controls that's really all I need.
  7. I'll bump this to see if there still isn't anyone else that can answer some of my questions here.
  8. movingzachb

    Replacing eclipse 8053,

    I just replaced my Eclipse 3422 with same generation but upgraded model an Eclipse 8052 I found never opened. I thought about going with an MKII but after seeing the unit I was not overly impressed with the build quality. I would take the 2002 Fujitsu build quality over any new Eclipse unit right now. I would think the MKII sound quality is the same at least although I am not certain if the quality is any better. I doubt it would make much of a difference. I just know it has built in DSP and presets, USB connection HD radio ready (some of the new things to support). The 2002 generation models are built like a tank. My Eclipse 3244 still works. The only thing that doesn't work on it is the AUX input jack but it is 10 years old.
  9. I just obtained an Eclipse 8052 brand new in the box (since 2002!) To replace a 3422 model. When I went to buy my first Eclipse head unit back in '02 this model ran about $500 or more. I could only afford the $300 model 3422. So it was like going back in time and this time being able to afford it. I don't want to play CD's anymore I want to use an iPod and play WAV files only though it. I have it installed now. I have seen two that work with this unit online. The IPC-106 and the iSimple. My first question would be - does anyone have any experiences using these units with an Ecipse head unit of my generation? How well does it work? Is one better than the other and do they basically do the same thing? Will the Eclipse IPC-106 or iSimple iPod adapter for this older unit allow WAV or only MP3 playback through the head unit? And if it will play WAV will it also show the title of the WAV on the display just the same? Also if anyone knows how to utilize the phone/mute connection on the Ecipse. What would you need to use this with an existing cell phone? Thanks in advance.