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  1. timhof13

    NIB Skar IVX12D2v2

    I think I’ve got about 20
  2. timhof13

    NIB Skar IVX12D2v2

    How much zero gauge you need
  3. timhof13

    Nvx Jad 900.5

    If it gets a clean bill of health I will take it. Zero feedback is a bit of a concern
  4. timhof13

    Jl audio 15w0 single 8 ohm

    I am very interested, price shipped to 48732
  5. timhof13

    Soundstream PN5.640D

    Very interested post pics
  6. timhof13

    Elemental Designs Nine.5

    Where are you in Michigan?
  7. timhof13

    Xtant x2.1244

    Those are sweet, are they brand new.
  8. I've had them in my boat for going on 4 years, still ticking
  9. I've got an efx mono I think 1200 watts solid performance
  10. I'm interested, anything in particular?
  11. timhof13

    Cheap 12" sub

    Kicker comp vr? I'll have to check shipping
  12. timhof13

    Eclipse XA1000 500w sub amp

    I have various things, you need anything
  13. timhof13

    Eclipse XA1000 500w sub amp

    Any trades?
  14. Will you ship first,due to lack of feedback