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  1. jkmn411

    Picking an amp

    would it be better to go with a GMA3602 since its power ratings more closely match the power handling of the P660Cs?
  2. jkmn411

    Picking an amp

    Hi, I don't mean to thread jack but I'm in a similar situation and plan on buying the JBL P660Cs. I know that the PPI P900.4 is a commonly recommended amp and I was wondering if a Precision Power PPI BK210.2 would do well(because they are currently on sale for cheap). I know they are from two different product lines but I'm not sure how much of a difference there is. If it isn't a good pick, are there any other recommendations for a budget amp, whether it's 2-channel or 4-channel? I'm not quite sure whether I want to replace my rear speakers later on down the line but it is a possibility. But for now I just plan on swapping out the fronts and amping them, and hopefully treating the doors.