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  1. TheycallmeJT

    Coil Pairs, LMS & MASS Underhung

    Happy Holidays! Shot you a message!
  2. Texas Status is no longer in business
  3. Where in Houston are you? my teammate with Sound Pressure Audio would be more than happy to help you out
  4. can you shoot me a shipped price on the 6x9 3ways to 77084 please
  5. TheycallmeJT

    FS: Eclipse 7200 MKII w/IPC 106

    I have one. my 2nd one since I was dumb and sold my first one...wish I could grab this one for my wifes ride
  6. do you still happen to have your alt up for grabs?
  7. can get 2 soundstream ta1.3000 for $570. 3k at .5
  8. TheycallmeJT

    Anyone using Soundstream Amps

    I run 4 of the ta1.3000d's on 4 American Bass HD's and have no issues with them.
  9. TheycallmeJT

    Two MTX 7801 1200w mono blocks

    Shoot me a price shipped for both to 77084
  10. TheycallmeJT

    Ppi 3 way components (new style)

    Where in Texas are you. I may be interested
  11. TheycallmeJT

    Mtx 7801 215 shipped

    I use to have 2 of these. Absolutely loved them. Great price
  12. TheycallmeJT

    PPI kenwood excelon crossfire bmf amps

    May be interested in the ppi pcx480
  13. TheycallmeJT

    Ten brands you can't go wrong with

    DSS. Have 2 buddies running 2 ethos 15's on ab1100.1's with no issues. I've tested a pair on my powerbass xta5000.1
  14. TheycallmeJT

    DB Drive 12" WDX 5K

    it sure does look like DB cheaped out on their baskets
  15. TheycallmeJT

    07 Mercury Grand Marquis LS

    thanks man! I guess now that people are bringing this thread back I should post pics of updates and things that have changed haha