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  1. nvturbo

    I need a cheap decent amp

    What makes you think Rockville is even worth mentioning...because you sell them? GTFO. Even crappy amps like CABs push out big numbers on the dyno but sound weak as hell when actually wired up to subs. Tell me something I don't know. Garbage products is garbage products. No need to glorify junk. I've been around car audio long enough to know what's decent and what is simply overhyped trash.
  2. nvturbo

    I need a cheap decent amp

    Rockville, Boss, Planet Audio = GARBAGE Don't waste your money on these. I wouldn't install any of them....even if someone paid me to.
  3. nvturbo

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    Only to people who don't know how to make a box. lol I've made numerous boxes for others as well as for my own cars. Once you understand the principle of it, building a ported box is simple. There are countless ported box "calculators" online to help. Imagine doing this using equations back in the day without the internet. That was difficult.
  4. About a month ago, I fabbed up a ported box for a buddy's 2010 Tahoe with a single 15" Kicker sub. Covered it with tan carpeting to match the interior. Only downside to making and box and shipping is the overall cost. Likely, the freight charge is going to be up there.
  5. With a flared port, the box will be noticeably smaller than the one you currently have. Whenever I make a ported box, and spacing is limited, I use flared ports instead of the conventional slotted port design. You should be fine with a single 3" port. http://www.psp-inc.com/tools2.html
  6. I would recommend using Streetwires OFC from Parts-Express. Best prices for true OFC power/ground wires. Streetwires have been around longer than most forum members been alive. LOL
  7. nvturbo

    Sub or Amp Problem?

    sounds like loose wiring. Make sure all connections are secure
  8. nvturbo

    CT Sounds Component Set?

    I was looking into getting a set before going with the Morel Maximo's. I'm sure they will work fine. I've owned 2 different CT Sounds subs (10" Strato/ 8" Tropo) and they are very impressive, with the correct enclosure.
  9. That reminds me. I need to replace the cheap Sperry meter I've been using. Fluke meters are nice and seem to last longer than other brands I have used.
  10. MODs, please close. Found one locally.
  11. Mind PMing me a list of what you have? Been looking around EBay for about 2 weeks now and most are overpriced for condition.
  12. In the market to buy an amp to run sub(s). I plan to get the amp first, then pick up some subs afterwards. Show me what you have. Thanks in advance. - must be working of course - 2 Channel or mono preferred - decent looking, no RUST - wattage not really an issue - under $200 shipped
  13. nvturbo

    low cost subs......

    Had a pair of American Bass XD844's in my old Integra, powered by an Orion HCCA 225. Custom fab ported box (1.9cu ft) tuned @ 34Hz was more than enough and surprised a lot of people.