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  1. Camarillo

    which 18s or 15s

    but i only save $90 on Xcons when i can save $100 on Zcons!
  2. Camarillo

    which 18s or 15s

    man i really think this will be my decision. since i will be playing music daily, rap, spanish, rock, or some zip files you think they will sound good on music? im thinking 2 18s!! ssa has me feeling some type of way with their prices!!
  3. Camarillo

    which 18s or 15s

    is not 28hz for the lows? how would higher frequencies sound on low tuned boxes?
  4. Camarillo

    which 18s or 15s

    i think the time is right to buy some equipment. although i won’t be be able to run it i’de rather purchase now and take advantage of some great offers. been thinking on grabbing a pair of 18s for my 2nd gen durango. ( possibly 15s since they are for daily music ) ssa has great deals so i semi narrowed it down. i understand they are ALL different subs for different uses. but i want a ground pounder not chasing numbers. and since i don’t have any experience with any other subs than what i’ve owned i would like to get personal experience. i have read other threads but i won’t be pushing each sub 3k+ only around 2k. 2 fi sp4 2 ssa zcon 2 zv4 or 2 platform 3 roughly around same prices, 2 are about what i can afford to buy. possibly 3 but i wasn’t sure on what i could fit in the 2nd gen durango behind c pillar. so 2 for now in a box. later in a c pillar wall if i feel like adding more power. like i said i won’t even be able to install just want to save something while i can. thanks. any questions let me know!
  5. 1st. For what I understand it isn't very good to mix subs given that they are all 12. I'm not quite sure. 2nd. What ohm are the first pair of 12s? Are they 4ohm like the second pair?
  6. Camarillo

    When is too much for RCA's?

    im about to find out. about to buy d'amore rca
  7. Trying to find some specs on their batts on their mobile site. Can't find it. Why those instead?
  8. About to make a couple of purchases: HU Pioneer 80prs XS Power D6500 Stinger Distribution block Knukonceptz 0 gauge ofc and knu 4 gauge ofc Not sure: Knu rca or d'amore rca And not sure where to buy ring terminals and boots Anything I should change/suggestions? Thanks
  9. How long can speaker wire run from my amp to subs? Ex: keep amp near front of car to save on power wire and more on speaker wire. Also it would be a shorter run of power from Batt. Also I could get some good rca and it'll run less distance Anyone
  10. What about alt. I know it would just be overall better to buy new HO alt but the other guy says he doesn't drop too low. He dropped it to .7 and I would be dropping it to .5 and big 3. Just a thought
  11. So buy big atm up front and leave it like that first? And I guess check voltage with only one?
  12. My stock is 160 but I'm looking into dc and mechman. So it'll be one or the other and big 3. But the batteries is what I'm not entirely set on
  13. Vfl 4480.1 for now and possibly another in the future and a smaller amp for door speakers