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  1. Thumpersplbassx

    Obsidian 15's

    The obsidian 15" v2's will be Pre ordering at the end of the month $139 ea plus shipping.
  2. Thumpersplbassx

    New Guy from Michigan

  3. Thumpersplbassx

    What sub?

    Swap out the kinetic to Optima yellow tops, Xs power, deka group 31 batteries. If you really want the 18's do a flat wall and a clean amp rack in the trunk so you can acress the spare tire if needs be. I'd do 2 obsidian 18" v2's, they're reasonably priced and can take a lot of power.
  4. Thumpersplbassx

    Thoughts on an event in Chattanooga, Tn

    I'll keep that in mind. Pm me and we can discuss this a little more.
  5. Thumpersplbassx

    Need enclosure design!!

    Here's what I'd do, take your measurements and multiply them, then divide by 1728. Download sketch up and use the program or draw up it on paper to give ya an ideal and a visual.
  6. Thumpersplbassx

    Help Sealing Doors

    Go look at the dynamat website and look at the Spl way of sealing the doors. I done my doors like that and my components sounds great! I used roughly 3 door kits for mine.
  7. Thumpersplbassx

    1 Kicker CVR 12" on 1500RMS

    Make a video and post it up on YouTube.
  8. Thumpersplbassx

    Sounds like sh*t

    How did they sound in your vehicle? Did you wire them up right? They might be out of phase.
  9. Thumpersplbassx

    Obsidian power handling ?

    I've seen a pair of 18's take 3kw with no problems. ( the obsidian audio crx demo vehicle in person).
  10. Thumpersplbassx

    AA Arsenal 12s (NIB) (pair)

    Nice looking subs!
  11. Thumpersplbassx

    OA amps?!?!

    There's currently no eta for the Amps to be released.
  12. Thumpersplbassx

    MECA freezefest feb. 10th

    I see everyone who went had a great time.