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  1. Yea they got sold, went out of town for vacation so didn’t have a chance to update. It was a typo, it was supposed to be mf for their mineral fiber line ---------- Post added at 12:32 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:31 AM ---------- Sold to jhamlett5
  2. Appreciate the advice
  3. $200 shipped for 4 amazing speakers, set of tweeters, and crossovers. Going on vacation in a week, hoping to get these sold by then
  4. djulz93

    xs power psc15

    $110 shipped, lets get this sold guys. Going on vacation at the end of the week lol
  5. djulz93

    crescendo symphony s550/2

    Still available
  6. djulz93

    crescendo symphony s550/2

    Pending to 350zkid
  7. djulz93

    crescendo symphony s550/2

    Bump $125 shipped
  8. djulz93

    soundqubed 2200.2

    Sold to lowlinc
  9. djulz93

    soundqubed 90.4

    Sold to lowlinc
  10. djulz93

    soundqubed 90.4

    Pending sale
  11. djulz93

    xs power psc15

    $125 shipped
  12. djulz93

    soundqubed 90.4

    Great budget multi channel amp. Final price drop $135 shipped