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  1. Youngin

    03silverado03 changed to Youngin

    I couldn't think of any other Silverado name and I didn't like mine and 03silverado was already taken and I just realized I could get mistaken and didn't want to be mistaken, and you should see my new build!
  2. Changed my name from 03silverado03 changed to Youngin, just letting everyone know
  3. Youngin

    Stetsom 5K2E

    interested but do you have username and date pic?
  4. Youngin

    MB Quart ONX1.2000D stapped?

    gotta link to one?
  5. Youngin

    MB Quart ONX1.2000D stapped?

    MB Quart ONX1 2000D 2000W RMS Onyx Series Class D Monoblock Amplifier 806576219927 | eBay can I strap 2 of these together?
  6. Youngin

    High Output Alternators

    04 Silverado 4.8?
  7. Youngin

    2 Super Shocker Extreme 12s

    Ttt make offer
  8. Youngin

    WTT ppi pcx2200

    cash price?
  9. Yeah I still have these
  10. Youngin

    WTT:custom FI Q 18 d1.4

    D2s and around 4 cubes, they are in like 3.9 cube now
  11. Youngin

    WTT:custom FI Q 18 d1.4

    What you think about my 12s?
  12. Youngin

    WTT:custom FI Q 18 d1.4

    2 custom super shocker extreme 12s built by hispls