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  1. Hey guys. I have a dodge ram 1500 2013 sport that I am about to put a large build into. The things that matter:1. Subs: (2) 15" Fi Q 1750 Rms subs2. Amp: (1) WolframAudio 4500.1DSub stats:Coils: Dual 1 ohmFs: 30.7HzRe: 0.9Qms: 8.38Qts: .44Mms: 313gCms: 0.836M/NSd: 810cm^2Vas: 76.8lSpl: 88.7db 1w/1mBl: 15.13 N/AXmax: 34mm (one way)Truck bed (available) dimensions:47" wide (inside of wheel wells)67" long (total size of bed) would like to use ~42" to save room19" max height before I have to remove my bedcover Prefer to keep @ 17-18"Port will need to be on the passenger side of the truck due to seat framing and ease of install. Curious on opinions here. Want to keep in mind the amplifiers will be under the back seat on a custom amp rack. So the blow through may be directed right at the amps... good idea? **free fans??? lol** or destructive?
  2. Hey guys! Zach here, I wanted to get some opinions on some design ideas. I made a business when i was 18 building boxes and all kinds of fun fiber/plexiglass enclosures on boats/cars/homes for a couple of years and want to put my experience to back to work now that I am out 1 year out of college. I have a 2013 dodge ram 1500 sport (60,000 miles) and if anyone knows anything about the dodge is that under the backseat is a death pit for headaches with building a box. I plan to do one of two options due to this issue with the truck: 1. I am going to go under the seats and cut out the undercarriage of the truck to drop down a couple extra inches, and weld back a nice square insert to put a much larger box into the truck allowing the space for larger magnets and more airspace. 2. Depending on how much of a pain that will be, I will then decide to just do an average blowthrough. Designs for the blowthrough will be restricted to only the first 2/5 of the bed due to my need of other random stuff. I would also like to build this in such a way that I would be able to remove it should I need to use the entire bed of my truck. My question is simply, has anyone seen any attempts at dropping out the floor to allow for a large box and high powered system that is firing up under the rear seats. That and how it could compare to doing a blowthrough setup firing forward. Budget for subs/amps/batteries/materials is somewhere between 1500-2500, flexible +1000 (maybe? -options). Thank yall in advance for any input you have to offer.