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  1. Looking good man. Really concidering doing a tablet in my dash as well.
  2. This is somewhat unrelated but I figured I would share with you guys. If you guys have ever taken a notice I am always using a Stanley fat max tape measure. I won't use any other brand tape measure. They are a little bit on the high side as far as price goes but I love the quality and feel of them. People say that are too bulky I just feel like that makes them that much more heavy duty. They have a great stand out and withstand any job you can throw at them. I'm a carpenter by trade and do a lot of work so I'm a little rough on my tape measures with how much I use them. I have always saved my broken tape measures for an unknown reason, maybe I'm a horder. But them I discovered that Stanley offers a lifetime warranty on their hand tools. So I sent the tape measures back 3 of which were mine and 2 that were my fathers. Yes this does seem like a lot of tape measures but that was a collection over like 2 years or hard work. And yesterday we got a package and they had replaced all the broken ones for brand new ones. Idk about you guys but that just screams awesome customer service! If your in the market for a tape measure give them a try and I'm sure you will like them too.
  3. This is the first build I've been really dedicated to taking pictures or. Although this is also my first build of this magnitude so it's going well so far ---------- Post added at 08:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:54 PM ---------- Thanks man. Keep the live coming man
  4. Where abouts in Florida are you. I'm In the tampa Bay Area would love to hear this thing
  5. And the false floor build. Using it as a platform to bolt the box down to.
  6. And then the tare down of my old **temporary** system took place. Let me stress that it was temporary so the wires were a total mess Baffle test fit. This thing fits like a glove not an inch to spare.
  7. No time to do the terminal posts. Did one for each voice coil on each sub so I could easily change the ohm load without taking out the subs each time Yes I know you will never see the fact that all the wires in the box match the others but I will know it's right lol
  8. Getting the box painted. Didn't wanna loose the nice detail on the baffle by carpeting it.
  9. I've learned overbuilding can never be a bad thing no matter what your building
  10. Thanks man. Yeah I'm building it to the best of my ability and so far so good. I seen a lot of builds thrown together and I have spent a lot of time lurking build logs and getting the dos and don'ts of building.
  11. Torres box tuner for specs and google sketchup to design it
  12. Yeah if I do it again I'll do it different. Glue roller sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the tips man.
  13. No I wish man. It's taking forever I work over 60 hours a week for the most part so my time is very limited. And working mostly by myself is time consuming