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  1. I learned alot on here a few years ago but it ***** now. Gota good friend from here that helps memake decisions @Spooney
  2. babsuhl81

    RF T2 15 need help

    Looks like I'm going to have to sell it cause I'm not able to spend that much on an amp powerful enough
  3. babsuhl81

    RF T2 15 need help

    Whatsize box and tuning ?
  4. babsuhl81

    RF T2 15 need help

    Just got on a trade. It's d4 . What kind of real power can this take? Does out have to have alot of power ? I have a Sony 900 rms mono. Would that be decent? And what size box and tuning? Anyone that has used these Lmk. Tia
  5. babsuhl81

    FS/FT 2 HDC3.110's. Minty

    I understand that. You have a good price on them. Just seems like people are broke. I know I am
  6. babsuhl81

    FS/FT 2 HDC3.110's. Minty

    they are still 240 shipped. We're did youfind 190. The hds310 is 165
  7. babsuhl81

    WTB Sub

    Is the fi q 15 forsale ?
  8. I could use it but I'm broke. No feedback deters some. Not sure about theprice
  9. babsuhl81

    Fs/ft:Dc level 3 15 (blown)

    Price shipped?
  10. Do you have a decent stock on these?
  11. babsuhl81

    level 4 12

    Box suggestions and amp for later on?. Going to run on an mtx rt2400x at 4 ohm bridged for now
  12. babsuhl81

    mono amps

    Possibly need a couple 2 ohm mono amps. Need about 6-800 rms and1-1.2k rms. I've been looking at a new belva or Rockville. Can't spend alot. Thanks. Text me pics and price please. 2175219236. I don't get on here much
  13. babsuhl81

    Fs konaki 15" sub

    Is that for sale?