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    Moved from NYC after the 1st WTC bombing in 1993.
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    DEH 80, FU Audio 12" D4 custom box, Sundown SAE1000 , Soundqebed 2200, Moral Carbon 6-1/2 rear
  1. Bomber Z

    FU Audio FU1500TI-12

    I have the Wolfram 3K on my FU Audio 750's 12' subs and these subs impress the Hell out of me. So 1500 should be amazing. It's shocking how well these subs perform and the forms seem to be silent about them. It's insane. It's like people being told and believing that Obama was a good president and Trump is the worst. Should you believe the media or do the research and find out the facts. The media wants to push the million Kicker and other mass produced bull crap that they have investments in. So always search the facts. In the real world environment. I have seen many systems pushing the 750's way beyond the rating without a problem. The Wolfram Audio amps have been incredible and at great pricing, if you get in the pre-orders you will get the best deal.
  2. Bomber Z

    Random Picture Thread

    I have seen a lot of stupid stuff in my life but that is a top biller.
  3. Bomber Z

    Wolfram audio

    The amps can use the same boards but it's the pats combination and quality that makes the difference. Think of a small block Chevy. The block is the same but it's the parts combination that makes the Horsepower and torque rating difference.
  4. Bomber Z

    Wolfram audio

    I hate preorders but I've been busy so it wouldn't matter now. I had to wait forever for my Sundown stuff and it's not even in the car now because that is sitting cause I don't have time to finish fixing it. I have to say, Colin answered my email right back. I also have to say that about Frank Yu and he was very quick to respond to all my questions. I had a lot of question on that build and he was great to deal with.
  5. Bomber Z

    Wolfram audio

    I was thinking of trying them. I love my FU Audio 750's and was going to get the FU 1250's when I got around to it. I may try the Wolfram Silver 1250's at that price point.
  6. Bomber Z

    Wolfram audio

    I have to say it looks well built. I just stumbled on them and rolled the dice. I haven't been online much at all and thought I would pass it along here. Then I have seen the Wolfram 4500 k post and had a refresher on why I don't go to these sites anymore. Anyway, I just received the amp and it is very clean and well built.
  7. Bomber Z

    Wolfram audio

    Just picked up a Wolfram W 3000.1 Koren built for 389. Looks decent but have a few things before I can hook it up. Has anybody tried this brand ???
  8. Bomber Z

    Front end alignment

    Race car builders have been doing alignments spot on by eye for ever.
  9. Bomber Z

    AGM Battery

    I've run 4 for those Duracell AGM batteries with a Ctek charger on them for a few years now and they have been good to me. I do plug the charger in every night cause I don't drive it every day and sometimes sits for a week or so at a time. Also run a 250 amp alt that helps keep it topped off driving.
  10. Bomber Z

    Official Trump Thread - Winners only

    Here's my big cop out as you would say. From my soap box as you would take a six sentience statement as. I don't have the time to go through and give you an education in life but I'm working on finding a new house with shop to accommodate my needs for my projects right by Trump too. Since my children are grown and finish collage and starting there life's. May be I should ask him to help since he knows the area so well. The area I'm in now is actively being run down by the Democrats that have taken over. After all working with Trump in NYC had thought me to not settle for less. Well off to the search of the my new home. Would you be interested in a property in South Florida?
  11. Bomber Z

    Official Trump Thread - Winners only

    This is just the problem. People need to do their own research as I have done. That's like asking me to write your term paper. I'm not a news reporter. Because they have failed you, it is up to you the individual to do the research. I don't have the time to look up the facts again for you. **** how lazy. If I get a chance I will post the list just for you.
  12. Bomber Z

    Official Trump Thread - Winners only

    Read the tax code, Obamacare, the national debt reduction. That is just in the first few months. That is all while having being obstructed from doing the job. But then again you clearly rely on the news media for your info so any attempt to get you to understand logic will be null. People need to stop being lead around by the nose and start researching the facts. It's funny how brainwashed people are. Obama and the democrat party clearly lied and hustled America. Even when the facts are right there in black and white half of the country went right along with them because the media reported what they were told. So any point of trying to show facts is a waste of time.
  13. Bomber Z

    Official Trump Thread - Winners only

    Then ! OK Snowflake
  14. Bomber Z

    Official Trump Thread - Winners only

    I don't see how Trump is f****d. If you look at all the lies and the actual hustling of the American public the Clinton's, Bush's and Obama's had done to make them selves some of the riches people in the country on your tax dollars. Al Gore lost the election and still made billions crying Global warming and everyone went right along. The trend of getting rich off of fear is nothing new. The persuading of the people to take one out of power has been a plot since the beginning of time. You would think people would learn. Funny thing is to see the very same people that are actively speaking out on Trump today where the same people who praised Trump back in the 90's. Just watch CNN Titans Donald Trump or the Trump saves Farmer or paying mortgage. Just as in Car audio you should use factual deduction to conclude what works and what don't. Just like a Boss Amp that claims 5000 watts. Words mean little to the facts when testing. We all know that is bull but so many will buy what they read and not put the statement to task. Trump has done more to help Americans then all last presidents the US had since Ragan.