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  1. casey_anthony

    How would you wire this electrical up?

    1 good alternator and a couple good batteries is all you need man. i think your overthinking this a bit.
  2. casey_anthony

    budget 12's?

    is everyone forgetting about obsidian audio?
  3. casey_anthony

    150db trunk setup

    s.w.i.m. may have but i cannot say :p
  4. casey_anthony

    150db trunk setup

    im not trying to spend my life savings, retirement, kids collage fund and mothers retirement home money on my stuff but im willing to dish out a few thousand to get this system right after all. i have no fear of a thousand on the sub(s) because i want something with stellar quality in case i up the power even more and this is also going to be a show car so being flashy and what not is unfortunately part of the game i guess. as far as the amps go, im gettin a great deal on a memphis 4k if i opt to pick that up, otherwise i may have to try my hand at these ap 3000's to see what the hype is about. power may not be 100% clean but its worth a shot in my book. if i dont like it, ill sell it and goto a saz 3500 or similar. so no, budget isnt extremely tight but im trying to keep the subwoofer part of the build right around a few thousand
  5. casey_anthony

    150db trunk setup

    ive never done a trunk setup before, one ones in full size trucks so this is completely new to me. my goal here is to do a 150 on a burp and mid to high 40's on music while maintaining tuning in the mid 30's. is this doable with a solid and clean 3k of power? this brings me to my next question on the matter. im not 100% what speakers to go with. i obviously know i need to build an excellent enclosure and that wont be a problem but im stuck between attempting this with one excellent speaker or 2 good ones. for the single sub setup i was thinking about either an smd 18, or an hdc418. if i go with dual subs then i really have no idea what i would go with but the ssd 18's look promising. perhaps i could get some input here? this setup will be going into the trunk of a dodge charger. anyone familiar with these cars will know their is ample room in the trunk (around 16^3ft) i believe to give these speakers room to breathe and the plan is to seal the box from the trunk facing into the cab with aero ports to try and squeeze out whatever extra sound i can. the car will obviously be sound deadened and the electrical will be up to par to support a good 14v for that 3k watts so hopefully voltage drop wont be a problem. this is all assumed in a perfect world tho. just dont want to start spending money on this build till its all set in stone so any input would be helpful.
  6. casey_anthony

    port help?

    ok i recently did a new build in my suburban with 4 OA 18's. the box is perfectly sized at 21^3ft i believe and the port is tuned at 32 hz. im having to problems here tho. the first is that because of my battery bank i have in front of the box, the box itself had to be scooted very close to the tailgate. as in the face of the box is like 2 inches from the tailgate at best. to counter this we "recessed" the port in on the face of the box in a flare of sorts so its more or less 8-10" off the tailgate giving it some breathing room. now the port itself is 703^3in. to me this almost seems to small for the 4 18s but when i have it playing you can stick your hand in the box and hardly if at all feel a breeze but pull it out and into the port and its a hurricane which leads me to believe we have perfect airflow in the box itself. yet i still feel like its being "cut off" and not unleashed to full potential. i should be able to do some nasty hair tricks with 4 18s rights? i mean i can do one now but id hardly call it a hair trick. granted the whole systems running off of a single brz 2400 right now (saving for a DD M4a) i still feel like it should do more. perhaps my expectations are to high but ill leave that for better minds to decipher. for what its worth, i took the truck to a competition and put it on the meter with a mojo 4k at 1 ohm (12v system). at the time, my back liftgate window was busted out and covered with plastic and duct tape instead. it still did a 145 at 38hz. idk if that helps or not but my mind is racing here. Big thanks in advance guys! -Blake