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  1. Scynte

    FS: Sundown SAX-125.2

    I PM'd you
  2. Scynte

    FS: AQ4x90

    Can you provide specs plz
  3. Scynte

    FS: AQ4x90

    Just my luck, been looking for ages n bam! no money it pops up
  4. Scynte

    Thinking of building a new sub

    Ahh of cause... it's Friday arvo brain isn't working apparently lol... Should look good inverted though
  5. Scynte

    Thinking of building a new sub

    That looks like it will be fun to mount lol
  6. Scynte

    Arc Audio Kar 400.4

    I would but won't have money for a while now
  7. Scynte

    Good 750w RMS @ 2 ohm amps?

    Coil look at the aq1200.1 it's rated at 750 rms at 2 ohm. Solid little amp
  8. Ok, sorry I didn't think of that. I'll go on my way then
  9. Why not just get an amp that does 2k at 1 ohm and save your electrical the stress... ?
  10. Scynte

    Nine.1 Cheap cheap

    What does this guy do at 2 ohms? Can't find any specific info online...
  11. Scynte


    Is this still available?