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  1. Bigmann6374

    FS: Eclipse SW9102

    This sell yet?
  2. No not necessarily, if you didnt strip the paint you need to.
  3. I'm willing to bet like everyone else it's 1: a loose ring terminal, 2: a bad fuse, or 3: a bad ground; maybe paint wasn't stripped before grounding, not tight enough. Check all these things and get back
  4. Check all your crimps on the terminals that can kill voltage too.
  5. It's very simple your losing voltage from point A to point B Improve your grounds/grounding points, maybe add another run, and this should solve your issue.
  6. Bingo!! the answer is in your wiring your losing power through your wire. Upgrade wiring to the amp and it should be much better. Also like said previously fuses can cause this too
  7. Bigmann6374

    How did i blow my 12inch Kicker Solo X?

    Hmm I guess they made the solo x 18 different.. Mine has a 3.5" coil rated at 5000 rms.
  8. Bigmann6374

    3 4inch Aero Ports

    Just go to lowes and buy 4" pvc and flare them with a heat gun youll save yourself money.
  9. Bigmann6374

    Amp choice dilemma need help!

    Im gonna be purchasing an amp in the next 2 weeks and so far my choices are between a DD m3a, Crescendo 3500, aq 3500, a lanzar opti 4.6k, and finally 2 hifonics brutus 2400s. Which amp should I get or avoid? Thanks for the help.
  10. Bigmann6374

    New 2013 Hifonics Brx2400.1

    If you have 2 left by the 19th they are mine.
  11. Bigmann6374

    Hifonics Brutus stable below one ohm?

    With box rise and other thinks to consider you should have no problems as long as your voltage is good.
  12. or you could get a 1/0 to 4 gauge reducer..
  13. Bigmann6374

    lanzar opti 4001d do rated at .5?

    I have it at 2 ohms right now and its smashing my ab hd I cant wait to pull sub and rewire to .5 this amp is serious!
  14. Bigmann6374

    lanzar opti 4001d do rated at .5?

    16 volts? Think they are rated at 14.4 idk if they could take 16 doesnt say it can do it. I want 3.5k at 12.8 volts and ill be happy.