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  1. marc2112

    Crimper for 0 gauge

    I know a guy...
  2. marc2112

    Amp Drainage

    Don't expect to have much help in the classifieds.👅 If he's a 100% sure it's the amp; just pick one up in a junkyard and switch it.
  3. marc2112

    System pieces wanted to buy

    I can make kick panels but I don't have access to a mk3 jetta. They are getting pretty rare around here. Q logic seems to make 'em tho. Q Logic Q Forms Kick Panel Enclosures for Volkswagen / Golf / Jetta / GTI
  4. marc2112


    Only if they are Harry Bols edition.
  5. marc2112


  6. marc2112

    US Amps 400 and Optimizer!

    With 6 hamster dynamos in series and 1 rattlesnake.
  7. marc2112

    Best bang for buck subwoofer rms

    Only use skar products or they're all gonna laugh at you.
  8. marc2112

    Car audio only has buzzing noise

    I would take it in for an inspection. If it's an electrical issue; it may lead to fried coil packs and even the ECU.
  9. Stop butthurting the fanboys!
  10. marc2112

    F/S (2) NIB Sundown SD3 D2 10"s

    You need to prove you really have them. Check out other fs threads.
  11. marc2112

    JL Audio built in the USA

    Overpriced subs are the only products JL make in the us.
  12. If you only have 1 set of outputs you need a line driver or amps with pass through outputs. DSPs do that too. Knukonceptz makes great amp kits.
  13. marc2112

    The "Megaman" speakers

    Gonna dremeled them til they look like C. Yes Ill try to make some nice chambers.
  14. marc2112

    Amp swap weekend.

    Even if a $100 amp sounds exactly the same as a $1k one to you; the 1k amp will always be a better investment in the end. Car audio is not a budget friendly hobby. Cut corners and your are bound to have problems.
  15. marc2112

    The "Megaman" speakers

    Working on some adapters for my 641px mids. Not your typical drivers I must say.