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    can you plug 2 different ohm subs into 1 amp?

    naw its a single 4ohm a 12 sony explode i bought 4,5 years ago surprised it even still works.. ill just wait till i can buy another sub
  2. can you plug 2 different ohm subs into 1 amp like 1 d2 an single 4ohm without stressing (the amp excepts 1, 2, 4 ohms)


    i read on the website your suppose to break the new ones in at half volume for 48 hours

    car radio

    i ordered this cheap radio off amazon but it seems like its not getting power or broken my question is, is there a way to test it an see if its defected.. iv tried in the car dont work.. also im sure its hooked up right
  5. i will take your ****. ---------- Post added at 03:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:53 PM ---------- im out to many lil ******* on this forum
  6. ha so lame you gotta go off other people jokes.. if you hear talkin get the **** on
  7. i mean really id be satisfied just getting that chest hurt feeling
  8. also iv had 1 account since iv been hear so lets not start that ****
  9. im not going to be entering any comps whats about two of these Lanzar OPTI1535D Optidrive 15
  10. lets be real 90 percent of the people in this thread are going off of what somebody else said an have never owned them
  11. wow where are you coming up with these numbers? could you remind me when i said this again? o yeah i didnt say that.. this the type of **** i mean ******* on hear assuming dumb ****
  12. wow hear comes that internet gangster **** again.. when did makeing momma jokes become acting hard? ******* like you (yes i said *****) just over use that word so much its lost its meaning along with hater @ kat_black181 we discussed earlier in this thread that they would only be running 500rms to each which is realistic for my car without upgrading (also dude from youtube had them said he had them for a year before deciding to go with 2 18s no problems what so ever
  13. mainly cuz out of the 20 people 2,3 actually have ever owed them an im wondering if its not just an opinion on the brand